Expert Guide to Writing an Accounting Paper

This is a comprehensive guide to writing an accounting paper to 2:1 university standards.

The common misconception among students is that writing an essay is easy, but the same is not applied to writing an accounting essay. Even if you have already produced many research papers and other complex assignments, it does not mean that you will succeed in writing accounting papers. Every topic in accounting obliges students to be precise and specific, where going around the bush will not be appreciated by an instructor. Among possible topics for accounting papers can be an analysis of company’s shares on the market; how a specific business attain the desired profits, etc. It can be difficult to write essays in accounting if you do not have much experience in writing and do not know how to conduct research on the topic.

When it comes to writing accountant papers – essays or reports – the most essential aspect is ensuring the content is factually correct and informative.

Additionally, any opinions within the paper should be substantiated with the latest facts and figures in line with the financial industry’s most up-to-date reporting standards and all viewpoints should be considered.Other critical aspects of a worthwhile paper are presentation and layout. These essays should include an introductory paragraph as a starting point and there are a couple of reasons why this is very important. In the first place they allow the writer to describe the paper’s topic and – in the second place – to determine who the readers are. A writer needs to know exactly who they are aiming their writing at in order to be able to gauge the level of subject knowledge in the group. Furthermore, there should be a concluding paragraph that is based on objectivity and shows the writer has properly addressed the questions they were asked.

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Carefully evaluate the task requirements

If you see the task file in front of you, you should read carefully every sentence and ensure that you understand what is supposed to be done. If not, raise your hand and ask your teacher to clarify some aspects. Do not be afraid to clarify instructions at once, which will prove that you know in which direction to work. Sometimes teachers ask students to work on accounting essay topics in the form of a business letter or memo, but it does not mean that students can forget about the research step. If you specialize in accounting, you are bound to encounter the next writing tasks: essays, term projects, research papers, memos, position papers, analysis papers, summary writing, etc. Comprehending the scope of work is the key to success. Evaluate paper requirements and predict how much time this task requires.

Think about the pre-writing requirements

Before writing your paper, you should ask yourself “How to deal with accounting essays?” and “What does my professor expects to see in the paper?” If you have strict grading criteria, check every sentence and think how you paper should look like and what its major components can be. Do not try to postpone working on your accounting paper till the last hours because most likely, you will face late submission and get a low grade for that. Do not try to find excuses why you cannot start essay right now. Manage your time appropriately and think how much time is needed for each paper section. If you have to write an extensive paper in accounting, divide the writing process into several days. Choose the topic that has not been widely discussed by other students and researchers. If you are done with this step, develop an outline of your future paper.

Start writing an essay

If you have already written essays in other complex disciplines, you are probably acquainted with the task. What makes writing in accounting difficult is preciseness and necessity to present everything in an objective manner. If you ask yourself “How to do my essay,” you can always refer to professor’s samples or templates on the Internet that will show you the way out. Remember that writing in accounting exclude subjective judgment. Rely on your logic reasoning and include up-to-the-point ideas only.

A common accounting essay must incorporate the following parts: an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. There should be 2-3 main body paragraphs, but the length of paper depends on your professor. If you have to write a 4-page+ essay, obviously, you will have to introduce more paragraphs. Always follow a citation style assigned by your professor (MLA, Turabian, ASA, APA, Oxford, Harvard, etc.).

Source: Letstute Accountancy

How to Prepare Accountant Paper Assignments


First Step: The Introductory Paragraph

Firstly, please note that managerial accounting reports could not be described as essays since the purpose and format of these papers are different. Where essays are concerned, the writer needs to clearly understand the question they are being asked before beginning their answer. They should outline this question for their readers and state the objectives and purpose of their essay. For example, what are you trying to come to a conclusion on? This understanding is essential in any type of academic writing since it establishes a paper’s ultimate goal.


Second Step: Essay Structure and Planning of Resources

Once the accounting research paper topic is decided and the writer knows what question needs addressing, they then need to turn their attention to developing a well-structured approach. Having a concise and clear writing plan helps to ensure all relevant parts of the subject are referred to and properly referenced in the introduction. These areas might include various accountancy concepts, the latest IAS (International Accounting Standards) developments, and a mention to any FRSs (Financial Reporting Standards) that are relevant.

As well as knowing how many sentences are in an essay of this type, it is also necessary to determine the resources the writer will need at this stage. This means the academic books, journals, technical publications, library or online databases, primary or secondary research, and Internet sources (e.g. e-books and accounting-based websites) that might be useful. The goal is to build a list of reliable reference materials taken from accountancy industry experts -researchers and scholars – which can be used to support any opinions or views put forward in the essay. How many references are used will largely depend on the nature and length of the assignment. In this type of essay, it is usually necessary to use the research others have done since it is not often feasible to undertake research of the primary variety. However, it is important the writer uses material that adds weight to their essay i.e. that supports or questions a specific concept or financial reporting standard.

When writing an accounting research paper or essay, brainstorming is another way of coming up with useful ideas and information.


Third Step: Including Analysis/Calculations

This stage of writing in accounting research paper on accounting and finance is an especially important one since the subject matter is likely to require the inclusion of example or sample calculations. These may be needed for analyzing the various accountancy treatments the writer is discussing and, not to do so, might lose the writer some goodwill. The writer should only consider including calculations, charts, graphs, and figures if they think these are appropriate to the subject matter and add significant value to the written piece.Nonetheless, it needs to be borne in mind that some accounting subjects do not require numbers e.g. in cases where a writer simply needs to discuss and/or explain some of the fundamental concepts of accounting.


Fourth Step: Recommendations and Conclusion(s)

Sticking to the accepted accounting research paper format, the last section of this type of paper or essay is very important in terms of answering the question asked in the beginning.Here, the writer needs to ensure the final section sums-up the entire discussion from the essay’s body and, additionally, highlights the findings from any calculations and/or analysis that has been done. Not only should the final section set out the results/findings or conclusion(s) but it should also state the writer’s personal opinion and their recommendations, in terms of both the assignment’s question and any need for further investigation or research on the subject matter.

What is Accounting Research Paper?

Often, the process of writing accounting research paper assignments can be something of an assessment or evaluation, meaning there is not a right conclusion or answer. Consequently, there will be different thoughts or views on the subject. Therefore, the writer will need to keep this in mind when concluding their essay and take all viewpoints into consideration.

Factors to Consider

After examining an appropriate amount of accounting research articles and having embarked upon the writing stage, it is essential to make sure the language used is appropriate. Not only does this apply to an accounting essay but to all types of business-based writing.

An unsuitable level or style of writing can adversely affect reader appeal.

For instance, if the task involves writing basic accounting reports, e.g.,you are trying to explain basic accountancy principles to non-finance managers, you should use language that is concise, clear, simple, and devoid of complex accounting terminology. By contrast, if the essay is about valuation methods suited to calculating financial derivatives, the language should convey the writer’s detailed subject knowledge and the appropriate acronyms and terminology should be used.

Now that you know how to prepare accounting reports and/or essays, it is important to consider proofreading. You can also think of this as editing insofar as it should cover both context and content. The aim is to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors and that every source has been properly referenced – the Harvard style is often used in business-type papers. One or more rounds of proofreading can also be used as a way of checking that you have properly addressed the objectives set out in the introductory paragraph. This process will also ensure the essay does not contain any irrelevant paragraphs (or ones that add no value). This can happen in cases of long essays where an attempt is made to meet the word count by adding irrelevant content. It is essential to avoid this in an accounting essay in order to make sure the work is as crisp, concise, and clear as possible.

Accounting Paper Example

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