Tips for Writing a 500-Word Essay

So, you are wondering how many pages is 500 words when this applies to an essay.

A 500-word essay is exactly as the title implies – when typed in a 12-point Times New Roman font and in double-spacing. The word count and formatting style may vary from essay to essay according to a professor’s or instructor’s preferences. Usually, these essays attempt to explain or expound the essay’s subject matter and demonstrate the creative and independent thinking abilities of the writer.

These essays can be based on a whole range of topics and subject matter, that’s why it is important to choose a subject or topic that is not too broad ranging if you are to keep to the number of words allowed to you. Likewise, you should not stray off the topic.

What Does 500 Words Essay Look Like?

Almost without exception, a 500 word essay should be written in a succinct and clear manner. In most cases, college instructors expect the writer to demonstrate their ability to develop an opinion on a topic or subject and to validate this opinion in the course of their writing. Furthermore, it is important to show you can think independently using the knowledge you have acquired. Unsurprisingly, these tasks can appear daunting, especially at first.

Having understood such details as how long is a 500 word essay and where to begin, the next step is understanding what the required skills are and how to develop these. In most cases, this is something that takes practice and may mean writing up to 20 articles (or at least 15) over a two to three-month period. Any student can acquire the skills to write good-quality essays with the right assistance from their teachers or tutors, who are usually available to provide guidance and to monitor progress in a measured way.

How Many Paragraphs in 500 Words Essay – How to Write This Type of Essay

You may be wondering what does 500 words look like in essay format. In fact, the 500 words are comprised of a number of paragraphs.

The next question, then, is how many paragraphs is 500 words? A successful essay of this type is comprised of the following sections or paragraphs:


 Introductory Paragraph

 While fitting 500 words in pages that may be restricted in number can be quite challenging, there is an accepted structure to facilitate the process. For example, an introductory paragraph is critical to get the reader acquainted with the paper’s topic or theme, to get their interest and attention, and to encourage them to read to the end. This section contains the essay’s central thesis statement as well as an overview of the topic. So, allow yourself enough time to choose the best possible topic. In the event you have already been given a topic, think of different ways to bring it to life and/or make it interesting. Since assigned topics tend to been be quite broad in nature, these should be broken down in order to develop a suitable thesis statement.


 Body Paragraphs

Certainly, knowing how to write a 500 word essay fast and efficiently is in every student’s interests, so understanding the structure is vital. Since these essays are generally quite short, the body section is usually made up of around three (3) paragraphs. Nevertheless, this depends more on a tutor’s preferences than it being mandatory. Essentially, this section comprises the bulk of the essay and, therefore, should be given careful attention. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence to set out, describe, and/or explain the argument for that paragraph. All information should flow logically and individual paragraphs should be linked by suitable transitions. The body of the essay should be based on reliable evidence to ensure the entire work is effective. Although, opinion is very important, a text is rendered more credible by the use of accurate facts and information from reliable sources.


 Concluding Paragraph

A conclusion contributes to the 500 word essay length and this really is a concise summary of the content of the entire essay. It also reiterates the essay’s main points. New information, points or ideas should not be introduced in this part. Conclusions in this type of essay usually account for 50 words of the overall word count. As your essay closing section, it is essential you clearly communicate your point of view and stance on the topic or issue under discussion. It is also acceptable to leave an argument open-ended, e.g., by posing a challenge to readers so that it can be further discussed and/or analyzed by readers.

How Many Pages in 500 Words Essay

By referring to a 500 word essay template, you will see that the number of pages can depend on whether you use single or double-spacing and on other stylistic matters.

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The style in which an essay is written tends to vary from one writer to another. However, some general factors to consider are:

  • The essay’s purpose so that the content can be developed for the intended audience.
  • Level of formality/informality. Where less formality is required, the content can be lively to the point the reader feels relaxed and/or even entertained upon reading it. Yet, it should not be so casual as to jeopardize an essay’s credibility.

Essentially, content should be a good balance of opinion and factual information from suitable sources.


When learning how to write a 500 word essay for college, it is essential to understand the dangers of plagiarism. The best way to avoid it is to acknowledge every piece of information you take from outside sources – from both the primary and secondary variety. What is even more important is to cite sources within your essay and add a full list of references. Upon completion, go back over your essay to make sure there are no grammatical or syntactical errors.

Finally, “how many pages is 500 words handwritten” is another question students ask. Again, this depends on the individual’s handwriting and whether they use single or double-spacing. Ultimately, if you follow the above tips and practice, we guarantee you will get good results. The better writer you will become the more you practice!

Here are some other points to remember:

500 word essay tips

500-Word Essay to Copy

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500 Word Definition Essay Sample (Honor)

The concept of honor is quite broad and includes different aspects. Every individual views the concept of honor subjectively, and defines it in accordance with personal views and moral principles. The great diversity of interpretation of this concept creates certain difficulties in finding one single definition of honor, but at the same time, various opinions help to view this notion more deeply. The Oxford Dictionaries define honor as “high respect; great esteem” or “the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right”. (Oxford Dictionaries) In other words, honor is respect and gratitude that people demonstrate to certain individuals who incorporate certain personal qualities and moral characteristics.

The central and the most important aspect of honor is morality or knowing “what is morally right”. (Oxford Dictionaries) Morally right deeds are aimed at accomplishing positive goals and help others. Humankind honors individuals who brings goodness to others and aims at diminishing suffering (in all spheres of life). On the other hand, individuals who are egoistic and support violent principles that bring sufferings to others cannot be honored. For instance, tyrants, like Stalin, despite all his power and leadership qualities caused famine and deaths to thousands of people.  It is obvious that people have never honored Stalin, as they simply were afraid and suppressed by the tyrannical regime. Sufferings and pain bring hatred and unhappiness; meanwhile love and compassion bring admiration. The two inseparable elements of honor are morality and ability to bring goodness to the surrounding world. Only good and kind people receive honor and admiration in return to their deeds, while evil individuals only get hatred and fear.

The world history is rich for individuals who deserve to be honored. It is important to mention that honor does not require any outstanding abilities or talents, but it requires the strength to follow established principles in any circumstances. One of the best examples of individuals who deserves to be honored is Martin Luther King Jr. His personality is indeed outstanding in terms of moral principles and the strength in adhering to them. M. L. King played an extremely important role in the transformation of US society and helped millions of black people to live their way into a better future. King adhered to this principle of non-violent protest throughout his entire life. Kings supported peaceful struggle and never pushed people to violence. M.L. King was kind person who aimed at helping others and bringing goodness into the surrounding world. He succeeded. Martin Luther King Jr. entered the world’s history as a man of honor and still remain adored and respected by many people all over the world for many years after his death.

The concept of honor is indeed very diverse and complex, as some people consider war to be an honor, and others greatly respect those who support non-violence. Nevertheless, morality, ability to bring goodness to others and strong adherence to the principles are the basic elements on which the entire concept is grounded. There nothing difficult in living the life of honor and I dare to say that every person can do that. The most important thing is that the life lived with honor is not wasted for nothing.

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