What If Essay Topics

A What If essay is a unique task that allows developing the student’s creativity when building an alternative scenario of the common event. For many students, a What If essay is one of the favorite tasks in their academic curriculum as it allows them to have some rest from boring research. However, if you think that writing this essay is simple, you are not quite right. Unfortunately, having insufficient experience in writing such papers, a lot of students experience the so-called writer’s block having no idea of what to write.

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The entire process of writing a What If essay begins with choosing a good topic. An appropriate topic for your essay should fully match your research interests. You should understand that only by being interested in your topic, you will enjoy the writing process. As soon as the topic is chosen, you will need to brainstorm your ideas in order to understand what will be the main arguments of your essay. To make the brainstorming process maximally effective, you will need to make up a list of questions that will help you develop your creativity. For example, if you are going to talk about dinosaurs in your essay, you may write the following questions. By answering these questions, you can make a creative and engaging narration about dinosaurs

  • What if dinosaurs liven in the present-day world?
  • What if you could live in the times of dinosaurs?
  • What could happen with other animals if dinosaurs lived today?
  • What if you saw a dinosaur in your window?
  • What if dinosaurs eat people? What could be the population of Earth?

Useful Tips to Write What If Essay

If you are lacking interesting ideas for writing your essay, you may just look into the history and pick up an event that could have another resolution. In fact, all the major historical events including major scientific achievements, wars, and social movements had a great impact on the world we live in today. Therefore, you just need to pick up the one that seems interesting to you and imagine what if it could have another result. What if Nicola Tesla had not invented alternating current? What if Alexander Bell had not created the telephone? In other words, a What If essay is a great way to develop your creative thinking because it requires using your best analytical skills at all stages of the writing process.

If you are not sure how such an essay should be written, we highly recommend you have a look at some well-written samples of What If essays available on the web. By studying the What If essay samples, you will be able to understand what ideas seem interesting, how to develop your arguments, how to structure this essay, and many other important points.

When you are working on a “What if” essay, great What If essay topics could be of great use. In fact, “What If” essays are among the most interesting yet also challenging tasks even for an experienced learner. “What if” topics can come out of any context, from “What if the world ended today?” or “What if we did not have to take our exam today?” Any topic will work, because What If essay topics provide a space for critical thinking and judgment.  Now you have a chance to use one of the topics below to build your essay. You can create a journal entry that will impress your tutor. 

We have created these topics and prompts to help you improve your critical thinking and writing skills. You are most welcome to use any of these What If essay topics or modify the existing ones to guide your inquiry.

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“What If” Is a Great Beginning for a Fascinating Essay, so What are You Waiting for?

  1. What if you win a million-dollar prize – what will you do with it?
  2. What if you had a superpower – how will it help you?
  3. What if you lived in a different era? What society or context do you wish you were part of?
  4. What if you were a teenager – would you like to be a television star?
  5. What if you were a prodigy – can you evaluate the pros and cons of being better than others?
  6. What if you were growing up as a public figure?
  7. What if you could become a robot – would you take the chance?
  8. What if you could change your boldest fantasy to become a reality – what will that be?
  9. What if you could outsource one of your functions – what would it be?
  10. What if you could learn outside of the university?
  11. What if you had to wait in a long line – what would you be waiting for?
  12. What if you were a billion-dollar philanthropist? 
  13. What if you were a President of the U.S.?
  14. What if you could order any famous figure to become your friend – who would you choose?
  15. What if you could choose a celebrity to live next door – who would that be?
  16. What if you suddenly turned 80 years old? 
  17. What if you could live longer than 100?
  18. What if you could choose what to write for your own obituary?
  19. What if you could influence how people would remember you after death?
  20. What if you could pay to be frozen after you die?
  21. What if you had to live the last day on the earth?
  22. What if you could send a letter to the next generation? What would you write?
  23. What if you could make the past and present work together?
  24. What if you could become one of the Greek Gods?
  25. What if you could become one of your parents? 
  26. What if the Sun did not rise one day?
  27. What if you suddenly learned that everything you knew about the world was fake?
  28. What if the Big Bang theory turned out a product of one’s imagination?
  29. What if you saw an alien? Would you be scared?
  30. What if you could read someone else’s thoughts? What if someone else could read your own?
  31. What if a new policy was invented to force all citizens to report their thoughts to authorities?
  32. What if most technologies we currently use were brought to us by aliens?
  33. What if you could visit another world while sleeping?
  34. What if humans suddenly became advanced and sophisticated?
  35. What if humans were made from robots?
  36. What if the first humans came to the earth from a different planet? 
  37. What if you could postpone somebody’s death – would you do it?
  38. What if we were living in an imaginary world, entering the real world only when we sleep?
  39. What if the world never knew any global wars?
  40. What if people did not know the grief of military aggression?
  41. What if we have never been to the Moon?
  42. What if millions of people had to spend their lives in bunkers fearing the nuclear winter?
  43. What if we never knew the taste of electronic devices?
  44. What if only women could become elected presidents?
  45. What if we woke up to see that the planet does not have any water?
  46. What if dinosaurs never existed? 
  47. What if we lived among cyborgs and vampires? 
  48. What if we had to live with ghosts side by side? 
  49. What if we learned how to copy and clone humans without using other humans?
  50. What if you could do a miracle – what would you do?
  51. What if you could go back to become a child again – would you take the chance?
  52. What if you woke up from a 20-year coma? Can you imagine how you would feel?
  53. What if God lived among us? Would you want to meet him? 
  54. What if you could change bodies with any of your friends for 48 hours? 
  55. What if you could analyze the way God and humans interact?
  56. What if Martin Luther King was alive?
  57. What if an unknown man came forward to say that he had killed God?
  58. What if Hitler did not commit suicide?
  59. What if a man suddenly came forward stating that he is Hitler?
  60. What if humans stopped dying?
  61. What if God was sent to us from another planet to save us from death?
  62. What if America became a target of a nuclear attack?
  63. What if someone told you that there are thousands of human beings living in the ocean depths?
  64. What if you could use magic to cast a spell on anyone?
  65. What if humans could participate in the same dream simultaneously?
  66. What if you suddenly stopped talking and started singing? What if everyone sang instead of talking?
  67. What if you could become a dog?
  68. What if a dog became the new President?
  69. What if you learned that ghosts do exist?
  70. What if you suddenly had an opportunity to travel around the Earth?
  71. What if the moon was the size of the Earth?
  72. What if we discovered another humanity living on Mars?
  73. What if you could return to the past the moment you wanted?
  74. What if you could take anyone’s body the moment you wanted?
  75. What if any other person could penetrate into your thoughts at any moment?
  76. What if patients in a coma could share their dreams with doctors?
  77. What if nurses or doctors could penetrate into the dreams or feelings of a patient in a coma?
  78. What if you could talk to your favorite writer or novelist?
  79. What if you could travel in time?
  80. What if you are a product of time travel?
  81. What if the conspiracy is an everyday reality for us?
  82. What if Marilyn Monroe never died?
  83. What if you woke up to find yourself in a sort of a human zoo?
  84. What if you survived a tornado?
  85. What if the government is hiding a proven method to prevent cancer in humans?
  86. What if all people died suddenly of unknown disease?
  87. What if there are thousands of aliens residing in Area 51?
  88. What if there are aliens, and they want to talk to you?
  89. What if you suddenly discovered that there was no Apollo mission?
  90. What if you could choose to become an angel?
  91. What if all children are actually angels destined to fulfill our desires?
  92. What if you found yourself in a community full of aliens?
  93. What if we did not know about the Earth and the humanity evolved?
  94. What if all children suddenly disappeared from the face of the planet?
  95. What if there is a ghost living in each and every house?
  96. What if poor people could gather money from magic trees?
  97. What if adults could wake up to find themselves in their children’s bodies?
  98. What if video games could be used to handle global wars?
  99. What if children came back home from school to discover that their house is full of aliens?
  100. What if people could travel in time to resolve their emotional problems?
  101. What if serial killers could erase their memory to forget about their victims?
  102. What if you woke up in a middle of a large city, not knowing how you got there?
  103. What if your sister or brother forced you into becoming a ghost?
  104. What if you could email yourself to a person living miles away?
  105. What if you woke up to learn that all your debts had suddenly disappeared?
  106. What if you saw monsters walking the streets of your community?
  107. What if you were blackmailed to dig into somebody’s grave and look for precious things?
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