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Many successful politicians and innovators are known for proclaiming the passionate speeches persuading the people in the importance of some decision or policy. You will be surprised, but most probably, these people are not the authors of their speeches. They hire skilled speechwriters who know multiple effective speech writing tips and techniques. If writing a speech is one of your academic tasks, you also need to master the techniques used by the talented speechwriters. However, if you are afraid that you are not able to cope with this task successfully, look through the speech writing tips structured by our experienced specialists. 

First and foremost, you need to understand that there is no a universal formula of writing a speech, yet there are some common rules, which should be followed if you want to impress your professor and get the desired grade.  

Seven Common Tips on Speech Writing 

right arrowStudy the assignment thoroughly. Once receiving the task to write a speech, start your preparations. As you research more and more material on your topic, the ideas will come to your head easily; 

right arrowMake your speech audience-focused. Think about your target audience, as well as its needs and interests and it will help you choose the right tone and language of your speech. Pay attention that the audience should clearly understand the purpose of your speech; 

right arrowStart with writing a conclusion for your speech. Though it may seem weird, we assure you that this technique is pretty effective. The concluding paragraph should make people think and reconsider previous ideas and beliefs. Make your conclusion powerful and thought-provoking and you will be able to make the right impression on your audience; 

right arrowSpeak to the hearts. When looking at the examples of the famous speeches such as “I Have a Dream” speech by Martin Luther King, you will see that these people appealed not only to the minds of the listeners but also to their hearts. As such, your speech should not be too dry and official;  

right arrowWrite some notes. Brainstorming is a particularly important stage of any writing process you also should not skip it. The notes will help you create a simple outline for your speech that should be followed precisely if you want to stay focused; 

right arrowWrite a rough draft of your speech. At this stage, you should not pay attention to the mechanical mistakes as it implies only creating interesting content and organizing it into the right structure; 

right arrowProofread and edit your speech and prepare a final draft of your paper. Make sure your final draft is free from grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as is written in a clear and concise language. Also, we recommend you to check whether there are the transition words that help you move from one idea to another smoothly. 

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Writing a Speech About Yourself 

Such an academic task is also frequently assigned in educational institutions as it aims to demonstrate your personal skills and qualifications. Many students are afraid of writing such a speech because they are afraid of sounding too selfish. The following speech writing tips for students will help you cope with this task easily: 


Think about the information you are going to include in your speech

Indeed, when writing a speech, you need to spend enough time on the prewriting stage gathering the information and selecting the ideas that may be the best for developing in your speech. Think about what sides of your personality should be discussed in your speech. 


Make a plan

Having a plan, everything becomes easier. Your plan is the guideline that will help you not get lost in your ideas but gradually move from one to another. 


Look for successful speech examples

There are multiple effective speeches available on the web. Read at least some of them and try to understand what made them so incredible.  


Follow the basic speech structure: 

  • Greet your audience; 
  • Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your speech; 
  • Add a hook to make your speech interesting and engaging. In can be some personal story, anecdote, or a citation of your favorite artist. In other words, anything than may grab your reader`s attention. 
  • In the main body of your speech, make sure to provide the essential information about yourself such as your experiences and qualifications. Mention the participation in various extracurricular events, work experience, internships, etc. 
  • Include the additional information about yourself such as your personal qualities, hobbies, and training. 
  • In the concluding paragraph of your speech, make sure to mention your plans for the future, as well as tell the audience about the tools that will help you reach the desired outcome.  


Edit your paper thoroughly

Many students commit the same mistake by skipping the editing process. However, if you want to impress your audience with your speech, it should be truly flawless. Thus, we recommend you to read the speech aloud when it is written to make sure there are no logical fallacies and mechanical errors.  


Pay attention to other details

We assure you that when it comes to speech presentation, there are many other points to consider. As such, you need to take care of your physical appearance and wear the appropriate clothes. Watch your gestures and remember that a polite smile is your integral instrument in dealing with other people. Watch your arms. Putting them in the pockets won`t bring you the desired outcome as they should move naturally following your arguments.  


Practice makes perfect

Believe it or not, but even the most talented speakers get nervous. It is quite normal to feel anxiety and excitement even if you are well-prepared. After all, you are just a human and you may worry about public speeches. However, we assure you that with every new speech, your fears will disappear and you will become a great speaker. 


Learn your speech by heart

It will be easier for you to focus on your pose and gestures if you know the content of your speech perfectly. Moreover, this technique will help you reach confidence and believe in yourself. 

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