Scientific Presentation PowerPoint: Tips for Successful Writing

PowerPoint presentations are not associated with appealing or engaging types of presentations. More so, it is hard to maintain good interaction of the audience if you are just presenting a PowerPoint. Many students treat a scientific presentation PowerPoint as merely slides that should be read. However, a successful research PowerPoint presentation should be used only as a tool to empower the main idea or the message of the research. As such, when you present a PowerPoint presentation, you are not expected to read from the slides but you should use the slides as visual support and representation of what you intend to say. 

In other words, the PowerPoint presentation slides are here to depict the story you are going to tell. If you want to empower your speech or presentation, please use the slides to maintain attention of the audience.

So, how to ensure that your scientific presentation PowerPoint is engaging and appealing to the target audience? First of all, shift the focus from the slides to the information you are going to present. When you get a PowerPoint presentation assignment, be sure that it does not occupy the central position – it is used to just compliment your speech.

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14 Steps to Deliver the Best Scientific Presentation PowerPoint

  1. Always pre-load your PowerPoint presentation. The time you spend in an awkward situation trying to extract the presentation from the USB stick or flash drive will not provide an impression of you as a professional. Therefore, try running the presentation from the cloud or Google Drive. Make sure you know the login and password well so that you do not take up much time standing in front of the audience being unable to log in. 
  2. Make sure you are well versed in using MS PowerPoint. Once you need to give a presentation, make sure you know the software. Be sure you can open the file on someone else’s computer and please make sure you know how to launch the presentation. Also be aware how to switch on the presentation/ demonstration mode. 
  3. Always proofread the presentation before delivering it in front of the huge audience. Make sure all the images, diagrams, tables, and other visuals are present. Moreover, make sure the font colors, sizes, and types are consistent. Make sure you double-check the correspondence of text to the visuals. 
  4. Do not cram much information onto each slide. If you use both text and visuals, make sure these are balanced. Do not combine multiple figures, fonts, and colors on the slides. Make sure that the PowerPoint presentation design is coherent and comprehensible. 
  5. Avoid tables with a lot of numbers, percentages, and other data. Your core aim is to make the message or idea of your research clear and understandable, so do not provide data that nobody will get. Avoid significant data. Even if there is no way to escape it, be sure to provide explanations and interpretations to the audience.
  6. Make sure that the plots with information are easy to understand and comprehend. Do not try to cram much text into each of them. Leave blank space on each of the slide.
  7. Do not use endless bullet points. Although bullet points are preferred when it comes to the presentations, it does not mean that you should constantly use them. Try to balance them with some visual representation of ideas you would like to narrate.
  8. Do not provide illegible slides and you will not have to apologize for that. Interacting with your audience in form of apologies will not help you build a rapport with the listeners. Therefore, to deliver a successful PowerPoint presentation, always revise the presentation.
  9. If you have videos in your presentation, always make sure they will work. If the video you have embedded does not play, it will be a total fail, especially if the video is really important. Excuses that “it worked before” would be totally feeble. 
  10. Do not use too many slides. Please mind the PowerPoint presentation size. Do not exceed the required number of slides and try to provide the content in a brief way. 
  11. Remember not to focus on different ideas. Make sure there is a central idea of the whole presentation, and each slide should be devoted to a specific aspect adjacent to the topic. 
  12. Ensure clarity of your messages and ideas. The better the listeners understand you, the more engaged they will be in your speech. Providing clear messages ensures that you establish interaction with the audience. If you express yourself in a sophisticated manner, your listeners will not find it good. 
  13. Do not overrun the time given to you for your presentation. Please remember that there are people waiting in a queue to present their own topics, so please mind this.
  14. Have enough time to practice your presentation before delivering it in front of the audience. The slides are just additional to the whole presentation you have to deliver. Therefore, make sure you have enough time to practice. You may just practice in front of a mirror or ask your friend to listen to you and then provide you with a feedback.

Tips for Providing Best Colors for PowerPoint Presentation

Even if red is your favorite color, remember that this color is never a good idea for presentations. When projected on the screen, red and similar colors tend to become washed-out. Prefer light beige or white on a dark background or a dark color (including dark blue or black) on a light background. When you prefer these colors and shades, your presentation will look professional. Remember that when it comes to the best PowerPoint presentation tips, simplicity is your best friend. Do not use a wide range of colors and shades. Do not experiment with color combinations if you are not sure how they will look from the stage.

What Is the Right Size of Your PowerPoint Presentation?

The size and dimensions of a PowerPoint presentation depend on how and where you will deliver it. Therefore, please take into consideration the type of the screen you will use, namely a tablet or iPad, a laptop, a large format display or a projector. Keep in mind that your presentation will appear differently on each of these screens, so make sure you are aware of how to adjust your presentation to each of these screen types. If you need some template, be sure that a lot of them can be found online. You can easily find a specific template for a specific screen size.

Sample Powerpoint Presentation 

PowerPoint Presentation Online: Get Help from Expert Services

Even if you are a bright student who has never wondered how to make a poster presentation in PowerPoint, you may still encounter challenges some time. According to the popular estimates, PowerPoint presentations are some of the toughest assignments that students find it hard to deal with. First of all, it is a different formatting type and organization mode that makes it different from the rest of academic assignments. Second, students have to deal with visuals and graphics and make sure that the text is not merely properly written in terms of content and grammar but also properly inserted onto the slides. Third, the difficulty lies in juggling several writing assignments together so that you could excel in different subjects. To manage it all, you would definitely need help of professional writers who could assist you with a PowerPoint presentation of any complexity and any type.

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