Review Essay Writing is not a Complicated Assignment

Usually, review essay writing requires sharing personal thoughts and points of view about a certain book. A professional writer does not only provide a summary of the book but tries to express his / her opinion regarding the book. In case you received the same task, make sure to make a content analysis so that every potential reader will have a desire to read your essay to the end. The process of review essay writing is pretty simple.    

Two types of book review essay 

If you are writing the first type, you have to provide a review which is written in a form of academic paper (it may be called a book report). Such types of assignments are usually given to students at universities, colleges or even high schools. The second type can serve as a general information source. You can find it in different periodicals and websites. As a rule, the structure of the two essay types is similar. However, students are required to provide more academic and even analytical reviews while journalistic reviews tend to be casual. Usually they describe weaknesses and strengths of a certain book, which helps to decide whether the reader must read it.

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Every review essay may have different word count. A journalistic review usually requires 100 words maximum to provide a short book description. Such reviews give a description of the plot in 2- 3 sentences and the rest of the information is a simple analysis of the book quality.   

On the other hand, a college book review should provide a brief summary of the content, analysis of the writer’s main arguments, and show personal point of view on whether the author achieved his / her objective. Frankly speaking, a book review essay is a complicated evaluation of a certain book. If you keep on following really easy guidelines, your work will definitely become an excellent review essay example.  

How to write a review essay?

Start writing your book review from the introduction. It has to be catchy for the reader. You can use some provocative statements that will help to define the main problem of the book. After that a clear thesis statement should be added. It has to characterize the tone of your review. In case your task is to provide a review of a novel or a short stories collection, do not forget to explain your potential readers why this book is so unique. Then, identify the book author and the reason why you chose this book. You can also talk about author’s literature career and previous publications. Contemplate on whether the author achieved his / her goal and why the book is interesting for the readers.    

After the introduction, the paragraphs with supportive arguments should follow. You can provide a short description of book characters and explain whether they can be perceived as a certain symbol. Their personalities should be described from different perspectives. Provide the plot analysis. State whether it is fictional or realistic. Did the author organize all chapters logically? How do you think was the reader’s attention grabbed from the very beginning? Does the book have any undiscovered aspects? In case the book contains some photos, tables, charts or graphs, do not forget to mention whether they support the content. 

Finally, provide a conclusion. In conclusion you can easily restate the main author’s ideas. It is forbidden to provide any new information in this part. In addition, avoid using in-text citations in conclusion. If you want to receive an A grade, make sure your essay is impartial and well-reasoned.

In case it is difficult for you to start writing, try to open your mind. Stop thinking about stereotypes and brainstorm some good ideas for your review essay. Remember that criticizing is the easiest thing you can do while writing a book review, but take into account that the writer did his /her best to write the book. That is why writer’s merits should be evaluated as well. You can provide a short analysis of the author’s writing skills but your words must be supported by serious arguments from the book.

Book Review Writing Tips that Will Bring You Academic Success 

Have some problems with writing a good book review? Of course, you may just neglect this assignment and accept a bad grade. However, you can follow our efficient book review writing tips learned through many years of experience in academic writing and create a wonderful book review that will bring you the expected outcome. Writing a book review is a particularly challenging task, especially if one does not know what should be written in such a paper. We will provide you with the general guidelines of book review writing that will provide you with a common understanding of the book review writing process. At the same time, we also recommend you to study the professor`s guideline thoroughly as each instructor has his/her own requirements for completing such a task. 

Book Review Writing Steps 

When composing a book review, you need to present the book from different angles. First and foremost, we recommend you to choose a good book for review from the list provided by your instructor. The book should be interesting to you and relevant for your discipline. Let us provide you with the book review writing guide that will help you understand what parts should be included in your book review. 


Provide the Background Information 

Keep in mind that your book review should provide the background information about the book such as the author, the date of publication, the author, and the importance of this particular book in his artistic work. When providing the background information about the book, make sure to answer the following questions: 

  • What kind of book is it? Is it an adventure book? A fiction book? 
  • How long is this book? Is it difficult to read it and grasp the author`s message? 
  • Should the reader know something from the author`s biography that can explain the nature of the book?  
  • In what style the book is written?  
  • Who is the target audience of the book and why? 


Briefly Summarize the Plot 

Indeed, brief summarization of the book is a rather tricky process since it requires squeezing the main events and characters discussed in the book without spoiling interesting moments for the readers. Try to avoid the standard word combinations “The book is about…” Instead, try to jump to the description of events. “In 1976, a man has met a woman in Paris. It became the start of the fascinating journey described in the book …” 


Describe the Characters 

If you are reviewing a fiction book, then the description of characters will take a huge part of your review. When analyzing the characters, answer the following questions: 

  • Who are the main characters? Make sure to mention both the protagonist and antagonist; 
  • What makes these characters interesting? 
  • What conflicts do these characters face and what qualities do they possess? 
  • Is the motivation of the main characters understandable? 
  • Who is your favorite character? Explain your answer. 
  • What lessons did you learn from them? 


Discuss the Themes  

In the next part of your book review, you need to focus on the themes discussed by the author. Is this book about love, jealousy, betrayal, war, friendship, etc.? Tell about it in your paper. Indeed, when discussing the themes and author`s messages, you demonstrate the awareness of the content. If you want to impress your professor by a professional approach, you need to prove your words with solid evidence from the book. As such, when reading the book, note the most meaningful quotes and use them in your review. Finally, some authors like to teach readers some lessons. If you see that the book has the moral, make sure to mention it.  


Analyze the Setting 

The setting implies the place and the time when the story occurs. When writing this part of your book review, we recommend you to answer the following questions: 

  • Is this book about the present time, past, or future? 
  • Does the story take place in a fantasy world? 
  • Do you believe that the setting discussed in the book is good for creating a movie? 


Provide Your Opinion 

This is, perhaps, the most interesting and the easiest part of your book review. In this part, you need to provide your opinion regarding the book. Did you enjoy reading it? Would you read this book once again later? Does the author send messages that are interesting to you? Do you agree with the author`s position? How well does the author develop his/her arguments? Would you suggest another ending?  

Make sure to follow this writing a book review checklist and you will produce a great piece that will meet the highest academic standards. Moreover, knowing the tips to review book mentioned above, you will find it easier to cope with other academic tasks! 

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Writing a book review is one of the common tasks assigned to the student in a high school, college, or university. Therefore, you need to learn common book review writing tips to cope with this task efficiently. However, if you have a tough schedule or lack the appropriate writing and research skills, just place your order here and let us handle your assignment. You will be impressed by the quality of the paper, as well as our overall approach to work! 

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