Best Topics for a Research Paper on Marketing 

Writing a research paper on marketing is a common task assigned to the students pursuing their degrees in a marketing-related field. The process of writing of such a paper may be rather time-consuming since it requires applying the specific marketing concepts, as well as enough time spent on both prewriting and writing stages. We assure you that choosing the right marketing topic is the best way to get the expected result. If you have to write a research paper on marketing, you need to select the best topic and approve it by your instructor. If you cannot compose an effective topic, look through the marketing research paper topics gathered by our creative writers and they will definitely boost your writing inspiration.  

Marketing deals with planning future goals and developing new strategies for popularizing the products. Look through the list of effective marketing paper topics and create the one that will provide you with a huge field for research. 

Common Topics 

  1. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of online marketing generation; 
  2. Analyze the role of women in modern marketing; 
  3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards; 
  4. Social network advertisements: pros and cons; 
  5. Celebrities` involvement in the marketing field; 
  6. Analyze the development of the countries in the context of global marketing; 
  7. Are free samples the effective instruments for increasing the consumers` interest? 
  8. Discuss the role of impulsive marketing strategies; 
  9. Analyze the role of the online community in the development of marketing strategies; 
  10. What are the problems of deceptive advertisement? Discuss in detail. 

Topics on Consumer Behavior 

  1. Analyze the instruments that help the companies create client-centered business; 
  2. Describe the activities you would take to find buyers for the US products; 
  3. Discuss the recent changes that occurred in the UK marketing area and how did they influence Zara retailer. 
  4. Discuss the channels that would help attract new customers? 
  5. Analyze the impact of unethical marketing on consumers` well-being. 
  6. Discuss the advantages, features, and benefits of introducing a new product idea in marketing. 
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Topics on Forecasting and Planning 

  1. Discuss in what ways can the SWOT analysis help the organizations maximize the effectiveness of the marketing strategies? 
  2. Discuss what tools are effective for taking the marketing decisions? 
  3. Analyze the goals and potential outcomes of the organizational function of the selected company. 
  4. What is the role of marketing in the overall strategic process? Discuss the examples of one successful and one unsuccessful company in terms of the marketing strategy. 

Topics on Internet Marketing 

  1. What are the benefits of the Blue Ocean Strategy in online marketing? 
  2. The impact of modern technology on the contemporary business environment? 
  3. Discuss the concept of localization in business marketing. 
  4. Analyze the role of the social media marketing field taking the Apple Company for example. 
  5. How did the various social media platforms influence marketing strategies? 
  6. Discuss using of Instagram at an efficient marketing tool. 
  7. How can the concern of teens by their physical appearance help the companies introduce new marketing tools and strategies? 

If you lack the marketing research paper ideas, the topics mentioned above will be really helpful. Let us also discuss the writing process in detail. 

Writing a research paper on marketing requires proper work with credible, peer-reviewed, and relevant sources. As this area is developing with the incredible speed, the sources you use for writing your marketing paper should be not older than five years, unless your instructor allows you to use the older ones.  

When working on your marketing research paper, you need to follow the classic structure that includes an introduction, main body, and a conclusion.

  • In your introduction, make sure to identify the topic of your order pointing to its relevance to the marketing field. Also, do not forget to create a thought-provoking thesis statement because only a thesis-driven paper will bring you the expected result.
  • In your main body, provide a solid discussion on your topic providing strong arguments that will be backed up with the accurate evidence.
  • In your concluding paragraph, make sure to restate your thesis and summarize the key points discussed in the paper. 

Marketing Research Paper Example

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