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For many students, research essay writing is a serious challenge. They feel frustrated and lost, whenever they are asked to produce a research paper. However, not a single student has ever avoided research paper writing. As a student, you must be ready to write at least a dozen of research projects on a variety of research essay topics. Otherwise, you will never manage to earn the highest academic grade. If you have already failed any of your research papers, then you know the bitter taste of academic writing. Now you can use our recommendations to improve your academic writing skills. Just follow the steps outlined below, and you will increase your chances for academic success.

Before commence working on high school research paper, you should brainstorm about various topics or themes that you might possibly dwell on to compose your high school research paper assignment in a decent way. Begin by making emphasis on what certain instructions or requirements provided by your teacher or professor. In some cases, you might keep to specific guidelines. For example, you may write about a peculiar planet located the solar system, but you should settle upon which one. When selecting your topic, you should ask yourself several questions:

  • Could the topic bring something new to the future readers through my high school research paper?
  • Is there enough in reference facts, statistics or data out there to conduct research on the chosen topic for composing your research paper writing?
  • Does the research paper topic chosen relate to the course?

You should answer “Yes” to all the motioned questions before taking your final decision. In case, you are incapable of coming up with a specific topic yourself, then you should consult your professor or other teaching staff. Even if you do not write your research paper on the exact topic they may suggest, you can think of novel ideas based on some pints they have indicated.

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How to Write a Research Paper for High School: Useful & Practical Tips

Surprisingly or not, writing a good research paper is not about writing at all. In reality, the key to developing a supreme research essay is in being able to conduct a thorough and systematic research. The more thorough you are in your research activities, the more likely you are to produce an outstanding research paper. So, the first thing you are to do is choosing a suitable topic for research. More often than not, your professor will give you the topic. However, if you have some freedom of choice, use the topic that interests you. As soon as you have the topic, start your literature search. Find as much information as you can. However, limit your search to the most recent and credible sources. For example, use peer-reviewed journals and books that have been published in the past 10 years. If older sources are relevant, you can also include them, but be critical and cautious with the data they provide. Analyze the information you have found critically. Do not take it for granted. Evaluate the relevance of each source to your topic. When you have a general picture of knowledge about your topic, you can start writing your research essay.

All Research Essays Follow a Predetermined Structure

Unless otherwise required by your professor, make sure that your research paper includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Begin with an introduction. In your research essay, use the introductory paragraph to provide some background information on your topic or issue you are going to explore. Justify the importance of the topic and your choice. What do you expect to achieve, by researching the topic of your choice? Do not forget to include a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction. It is an integral element of your research paper. It must be brief, informative, and argumentative. Be ready to divide it into several parts and use each as a separate point to expand upon in the body of your work. As you are working on your research essay outline or writing the body of your research paper, mind the structure and logic of each paragraph.

This is where you elaborate on the thesis statement you have provided in your introduction. Focus on the argument. Begin each sentence with a well-developed topic sentence. It should certainly be related to the thesis statement. The body of your research essay should include a concise but critical analysis of the chosen topic. Consider what your opponents would say, when reading your paper. Anticipate their reactions and provide arguments to refute their position. Also, do not forget to evaluate the consistency and credibility of your sources. Such evaluation is a distinctive feature of research essay writing. This way, you will help your reader analyze the effectiveness of your argument, trace the sources you have used in your work, and explore your topic in more detail. End your research paper with a strong conclusion. In your research paper, a conclusion is one of the key components of your study. Summarize the key points of your work. Provide recommendations for your readers. Discuss the implications of your research for your study field. Propose directions for future studies. Only when your conclusion is completed, you can edit and submit your paper for grading. To save some effort and time, create a brief research paper outline and follow it, as you are working on your task.

Organization of the Writing Process

After you have chosen topic, you should work out an organized and effective map in order to guide the process of writing. Firstly, this map could be messy as all your ideas could be in it. Once new ideas have dawned to your mind, you may commence organizing them anew.

Taking ideas down on paper quickly assists in advancing in the creative process and developing the topic under research.

tasklistCreate a Thesis

Make a preparation of your thesis before you start organizing your research paper, as it will guide your future research and investigation, as well as assist you in staying focused on your topic. Your thesis statement ought to be concise and clear, as well as reflect the research paper type you are working on. All research papers may be sub-divided into three categories as follows:

  • persuasive or argumentative one if you argue the conclusion or findings;
  • expository one when you provide explanations of specific info or data;
  • analytical one when you explicate your analysis of specific info or data.

You should devote plenty of your priceless time to providing a strong and outstanding thesis statement so that your research has a specific purpose. Your statement thesis ought to be narrow and debatable, as your claims must be supported by certain pieces of evidence or facts. If your claims are broad, then you should provide more pieces of evidence to convince your future readers that your point of view is the correct one. Below is an excellent example of a strong, debatable and clear thesis statement:

Climate change and global warming are among the most evident challenges facing humankind nowadays.

tasklistForm High School Research Paper Ideas

Your key ideas are supposed to become what make up your research paper writing. Such ideas are what you have made emphasis on within the main body of your research paper. Since you organize your resources and notes, consider what you managed to collect and what could be of great importance for writing a school paper. Moreover, take into account what you have had the majority of info or data on. In case it is a key point, you are supposed to write a lot about it in your research paper. There are two various ways that you could use to organize your key points:

  • Chronological order beginning with the past and then referring to the present;
  • Making emphasis on the most significant to the least important ones.

tasklistComplete an Outline of Your High School Research Paper

Even though your research paper outline is not essential research paper writing of yours, it should have its beginning and end. You should commence with headings. Step by step you begin filling in your blanks. At the end, your research paper outline will comprise all your key ideas or considerations, introduction notes, in-text citations, and conclusion notes, as well as bullet points that you are planning to include in your research paper. 

tasklistCommence Writing of Your Research Paper 

It may appear as if it took you plenty of time to get to this point, but you are ready to begin the actual process of your research paper writing.

tasklistCompose the Body of Your Research Paper

It can appear out of order as it is, but it is strongly advised that you commence your writing with your main body rather than your introduction. You may get out all of your key points, clear and supporting facts or statements, data, quotes, etc that you have already done so far.

Utilize transitions to smoothly move from one paragraph to another so that you could make your future reader focused on what you dwell on. 

tasklistCompose an Efficient Conclusion

Your conclusion should be simple, clear and coherent as its key purpose is to summarize all essential points that you have explicated in the main body of your research paper. Your key objective is to give the future readers the feeling of closure. Consider that you may restate your thesis statement in your conclusion.

tasklistForm Your Introduction Section

After you have your ideas and considerations formed clearly and accordingly, you may start your introduction. It should comprise 3-5 sentence paragraph that should grab your readers’ attention, thesis statement, and a summary of what your research paper writing will be about.

tasklistIn-text Citations and Reference List 

After you have completed you research paper writing, you should carefully read it and ensure that you quote or cite each piece of information taken from other sources. If you failed to do this, it would be referred to as plagiarism and you could be withdrawn or punished for such a deed. Some educational institutions may put you a zero, whereas others can withdraw you forever. The following step is of great significance to your academic studying and future career. Moreover, review your reference list or bibliography so as to ensure that all the resources are cited accordingly.

tasklistFinal Touches

Finally, all sections of your research paper writing have been ready. It is recommended that you should leave your piece of writing for some period of time and then come back to it with a clear mind. Read it from the very beginning to the very end and check for:

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes;
  • Chronological order or order of significance;
  • Bibliography and in-text citations;
  • Formatting errors.

When you are confident that you have all necessary elements included to get the highest score or graded, print your research paper out and submit it to your professor or teacher.

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High School Research Paper Topics 

Our experts have completed the list of high school paper topics that you could use in order to compose your high school research paper: 

  • What Things Make You Sad?
  • Do You Consider Your Close friend Spiritual? Give Your Reasons
  • What Things Make You Irritated and Nervous?
  • What Living Objects Symbolize You?
  • What Things Make You Happy?
  • What Things Inspire You?
  • What Are the Most Controversial Decisions You have ever taken in Your Life?
  • What Are Key Goals of Yours?
  • Parents vs. Children: How to Achieve Mutual Understanding? 
  • Why Cry More: Men or Women? 
  • What Is the Most Unexpected Present in Your Life?
  • What Should Be Done to Live a Happy Life?
  • What Merits Should Your Future Boyfriend or Girlfriend Have?
  • How Have Your Parents Impacted You?
  • What Family Would You Like to Have in the Future? Give Your Reasons
  • What Are Your Drawbacks and What Should Be Done in order to Eliminate Them?
  • Should People Colonize Other Cosmic Systems? Why or Why not?
  • Would You Like to Live on Venice? Give Your Reasons.
  • Are You Ready to Scarify Your Life in order to Save Other People?
  • What Could not You Forgive Your Beloved Person? Why?
  • Should People Have the Choice in Everything?
  • What Does It Mean for You to Be Human?
  • What Should Be Done to Save Our Planet from Destruction?
  • What Does the Concept “Global World” Mean to You?
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