Ptcas Essay Example: Chili’s Restaurant

Many physical features characterize 1371 Gladstone St Glendora, CA 91740. This area is rich in various cuisines. It is a destination where people from places meet to enjoy their holidays; the foods found in these areas include garlic-fried fish, Dan Dan mein soup, and pork spare ribs. Most people enjoy this area mainly because of these foods. The Chinese establishment has superb customer services a factor that draws in customers from different areas. The area has ample parking making it a destination for families’ reservations. The presence of good restaurants has helped in improving the economic status of the area. There have been many establishments, which includes motels and guest houses due to the ever increasing number of visitors. These have prompted the establishment of banks other financial facilities where visitors can withdraw their money for their enjoyment.

The establishment of bars and other social facilities has increased in the area. Other social events take place in this area since people from different background interact while eating and drinking different kinds of beverages. Tourists from various parts have had an attachment to the area due to cultural activities. It includes eating Chinese cuisines and other prevailing cultures in the area. Chili’s restaurant has seat type of 201-400. The restaurant has maximized to various customers’ needs since it accepts different modes of payment. The restaurant accepts credit cards such as Discover, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. The restaurant mainly offers American cuisine. The restaurant has had high rating in regards to the food offered, ambiance, the prices of the goods sold to their customers. Another key factor as far as the smooth running of the restaurant is concerned the fact that the restaurant has also received good rating for cleanliness. The restaurant prides itself in good services to its customer. It increases the competitiveness of the restaurant in comparison to other prevailing restaurants in the area.

In conducting the interviews in the area, the research utilized a research sample of 10 respondents. The sample was made up of six male (60%) and four female (40%). The respondents were grouped according to their ages.


  1. Is the business in the area growing are not
  2. If yes, how is it affecting the security of the area?
  3. If no, what is causing it?
  4. on a scale of 1-10, how do you rate Chili restaurants services?
  5. on a scale of 1-10, how do you rate Chili restaurant’s food?

The research conducted; 85% of the respondents affirmed that the businesses at 1371 Gladstone St Glendora, CA 91740 had grown tremendously in the last ten years. The respondents had split opinions in regards to whether the growth in business had improved or deteriorated the state of security in the area. 45% of the respondents argued that, as the businesses grow in the area, the crimes are also increasing in the same measure. 55% of the respondents urged that, with the growth of the area economically, the security measures have been put utilized to make sure that any the prevailing crimes have been combated. 60% of the respondents rate the services of Chili restaurant above 8 claiming that, the restaurant had equipped the staff with the necessary skills concerning the customer services. 40% of the respondents ranged between 5 and 7. They urged that; the restaurant’s services were bound to decrease with the increasing trend of competitiveness from other restaurants. 50% of the respondents rate Chili’s food above five while the other 50% rated the foods below 5. They all argued that other restaurants in the area that offered better cuisines.