Problem Solution Essay and How to Create It

Every college or university student is given a task to write a problem solution essay. Such writing assignment helps professors to understand whether their students are willing to overcome problems. Unfortunately, a number of students have no clue how to complete such kind of academic writing task. Luckily, they have two options and they are as follows. They can order a paper from an online writing company or simply read our writing guidelines and try to create their own problem solution essay.

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How to Create a Problem Solution Essay

There are a lot of problem solution essay topics. First, you have to select the most interesting one. You should start from identifying a complicated situation and propose an efficient solution. Remember that such tasks are often given to students. If you want to earn a high grade, you have to possess excellent writing skills as professors test your knowledge of stylistics and grammar. Frankly speaking, average students usually lack the above mentioned skills. That is why they often find themselves in writing troubles and need professional academic help. Fortunately, we can provide them with detailed instructions on how to create an excellent problem and solution essay. 

  1. Identify a problem situation you intend to deal with when writing your paper. The problems can be different depending on the selected topic. For example, you can choose government corruption, legalization of marijuana, teen pregnancy or fast food and its impact on health. It is recommended to clearly identify the matter you want to examine.  
  2. You have to conduct detailed research work. In the second part of your paper you have to provide an analysis of the chosen problem from different perspectives. It is vital to collect as much information as possible in order to provide an explanation of existence of the problem in the society.
  3. Main principles of finding the way out should be formulated as well. People are aware of the fact that their technologies, time and money are limited. That is why you as a writer have to propose an effective solution to the discussed problem. It will help the readers to realize that the writer is interested in solving the problem and overcoming difficulties. It is recommended to write down a list of solutions and select the most efficient one.  
  4. In case you have finally found the solution to the situation discussed in your problem solution essay, consider whether it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.  
  5. At last, you have to inform your readers about how this solution can be adopted in real life. Usually not every teacher demands this item in the essay, but it will definitely make your essay logical and complete.

When you follow our guidelines, please do not forget to include proper in-text citations in your paper and provide a well-formatted reference list. Logical conclusion should be provided as well. In addition, you can also find a problem solution essay example that will help you to organize your paper.   

Problem Solution Essay Example

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