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Writing a persuasive essay is one of the most common tasks facing students. A persuasive essay is a unique paper, which requires that students develop a strong argument to prove their position. A persuasive essay definition implies that the student must be persuasive, have a strong viewpoint or opinion, and be ready to defend it. The purpose of any persuasive paper is to convince the audience that the viewpoint expressed by its author deserves attention. At best, the author of a persuasive essay should compel his or her readers to accept his or her viewpoint. This is why it is so important that you have enough evidence to back up your claims and develop a strong argument to persuade your readers that your opinion is correct. 

How to produce a perfect persuasive essay?

First, you need to understand what a persuasive essay is and how it works. Second, before writing persuasive essays, choose a topic that interests you. A persuasive essay definition alone will hardly be helpful, as you are struggling to produce a top-class work. Consider your topic ideas and questions. What is on your mind? What appeals to you? What are the things you want to talk about in your paper? Do you have a strong opinion about it? Are you ready to devise a strong argument? Are you ready to find some evidence to back up your claims? Of course, as a creative personality, you may have dozens of ideas to write about. Choose the most relevant topic and take a side. Propose a solution and persuade your reader that your proposed solution is the best and most suitable one.

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Think about your audience

You can never produce a persuasive essay of incomparable quality, if you do not know your reader. For whom are you writing your paper? This is one of the key questions you need to answer. This way, you will be able to present your argument in ways that resonate with the feelings and opinions of your readers. In addition, you will be able to anticipate possible opposing arguments from your audience and refute them without offending your reader. Organize and structure your paper properly. Be logical in expressing your ideas. Use only the most recent articles and credible books to support your claims. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and include sufficient evidence to prove your point. Actually, using evidence is one of the most problematic aspects of persuasive essay writing. Do not use non-credible assumptions or anecdotal evidence. Rely on facts and proven information. Peer-reviewed journals and books have proved to be the most valid source of data for persuasive essay writing. Whenever you borrow ideas or data from an external source, do not forget to credit it properly. This is how you can avoid the risks of plagiarism in your work. Do not hesitate to use statistics, but do not overload your paper with numbers. Be reasonable, when incorporating data into your paper. Use examples that are relevant to your topic. Critique and evaluate the quality of evidence.

How to start a persuasive essay?

Consider the structure. It is no different from the way other essays are structured. Your persuasive essay must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In your introduction, include relevant background information to inform your reader of your topic and its importance. Include 2-3 body paragraphs, each having a topic sentence. If you have 3 body paragraphs, the last one should be devoted to the analysis of opposing arguments and provide an evidence-based refutation. In your conclusion, summarize the whole paper and offer questions for further analysis. Follow this structure to develop a perfect persuasive essay!

Persuasive Essay Example

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