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For many years of our hard and diligent work, we have been trying to provide all our customers with professional writing assistance. We do realize that in the market of writing services, competition is very high. As such, we provide our customers with a great opportunity to not only receive professional help with their writing assignments but also a chance to earn good money. We have developed a customer-friendly referral program allowing us to reward all customers referring their friends to our writing platform. Only imagine! You will get a 10% bonus from every money transaction when your friend or classmate places an order by your recommendation. To start earning good money, you just need to have a personal profile on our website.

Are you an active student who has a lot of friends? If yes, then you have many chances to get good money at our writing service. Just help these people learn more about our company and its benefits, and we will generously reward you for your loyalty. You can popularize our company by any means including social media, e-mail, or live communication. When some of your friends click on the unique promotional code you share, he or she will be redirected by our system to the page with a straightforward order form. When the order is successfully completed, you will receive a notification about a 10% bonus added to your account. When there are enough bonuses accumulated on your personal account, you can use them. Some customers prefer to use them on the papers ordered at whereas others just withdraw them using the safest payment systems. As you can see, we do everything possible for you to enjoy our cooperation.

How to Earn Good
Money with

Well, it is very easy to take advantage of popularizing our writing service. The entire procedure will take not more than a couple of simple steps:

First, you need to create a personal account on our website and log in to your profile; Next, you need to click on the “Affiliate program” tab; As soon as the system generates a unique promotional code, you will need to share it with all people, who may be interested in cooperation with our writing service; Once the person places an order and receives it, you will get your 10% fee automatically; As an option, you can put e-mails of your peers in the “My friends` e-mails” section and these people will receive your affiliate link along with a short explanation of why cooperation with our writing service is a good idea.

Our Features

300words per page instead of 280

Free revision (on demand)

Discount System

Affiliate Program

Vip Services

Free plagiarism report
(on demand)

What Do We Offer?

  • Every person, who places an order at following your recommendation, will get a 17% discount on the first order.
  • You will get a 10% bonus from the total price of the order placed by the individual invited by you.
  • As you can see, it is a win-win offer for everyone.

To become a part of our referral program, all you need to have is just a personal account on our website and a willingness to cooperate. The personal account will be created once you place an order at our writing platform. As you can see, you can start earning money having only one order placed.

As a customer-centered writing service that is based on the principles of honesty and integrity, we want to reward our customers for being loyal to us. As such, being our customer, you will not only improve your academic performance but also earn good money by telling your friends and classmates about our writing service. So, what are you waiting for? Join our affiliate program today and enjoy your benefits!

Who can become Original-Essays affiliate?

  • Social accounts

    Place links to our website on your social accounts. Use Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp to promote.

  • Business cards

    Print business cards and distribute to your friends for becoming our affiliate parther.

  • Discount code

    Earn money sharing your discount code via email to anybody after signing up for our affiliate program.

  • Promo code

    You should give your special promo code or your referral link to your friends. Join them by following link.

  • YouTube

    Find out how to promote your discount code on Youtube. Create a special Youtube channel to promote your code.

  • Everyone

    On second thought, everyone who’s interested in earning can take their bonus by becoming a new affiliate partner!

We try to meet your needs and constantly evolve

Helen, VT

“Thanks for your help! Great service and qualified support.”

Helen, VT

“Thanks for your help! Great service and qualified support.”

Helen, VT

“Thanks for your help! Great service and qualified support.”

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