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A narrative essay is a piece of writing, which serves a purpose of exploring an action, event, one’s experience, etc. Students are given a chance to discuss a great deal of topics. Narrative assignments are popular in all educational institutions – high schools, colleges, and universities. In comparison with persuasive writing, narrative essays should not be based on settling a clear writer’s position in relation to the given topic. Students are welcome to freely express their emotions and opinions. Check some good rules that will help you handle narrative writing.

If your teacher asked you to work on a personal narrative essay, you should clearly understand the scope of work and the importance of managing your time. Many students underestimate the difficulty of writing narrative papers. They think that it does not require much time and postpone this assignment till the last day or even hours. Personal narratives should not include a mix of ideas on the topic. They can be compared with the story telling, where one should arrange ideas in an interesting manner. Narrative papers usually describe the past events or experiences. However, it is preferable to use present tenses. For sure, narrative writing does not have such strict writing standards or formats. The primary goal of the writer is to create a vivid story that will stir readers’ imagination. In comparison with other types of essays, narrative essays should include personal pronouns.

Many professors allow students to write narrative essays in an informal way because the task is to narrate an event as it was. Narrative assignments can include some small dialogues and direct speech and, obviously, you do not have to replace everyday speech with formal academic vocabulary. It will make your story telling dull and readers will not perceive the issue as it was. You are welcome to use some slang words or idioms in your writing, but still mind that the reader will be your professor. If you can choose the topic on your own, you should choose the one that will mean much to you. You should freely express your emotions, so do not describe events that were too stressful for you. Even if you think that narrative writing can be described as “free writing,” please mind that your ideas should be logically arranged. Presenting a mix of past, present, and future will confuse the reader.

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Structure of Narative Essays

Do not hesitate to find some examples of narrative essays on the web to find out how to structure your paper. As in any other essay, your beginning should be an introduction. It should be a very brief paragraph stating your intentions in writing this paper. You should present the core information needed for the reader to understand what the paper will discuss (observations, memories, experiences, etc). Your writing style should be simple and cognitive for the reader. Though you can present both direct speech and dialogues in narrative writing, do not do it in the introduction. If you describe both present and past events, they should be joined together with the help of transitional phrases. Do not make your narrative writing long because the reader will definitely get bored. Use as many sensory and descriptive details as possible in your narrative essay.

The middle part of all narrative essays is called the main body. You should share your emotions with the reader by discussing the events in a descriptive manner. Do not include too many main body paragraphs. Usually teachers ask to write no more than 2-4 paragraphs. Your paper should end with a concluding paragraph, which must not discuss any new elements. Simply find out the key points you discussed previously and restate them in conclusion. You can also mention what this experience means to you and state your future aspirations.

In a nutshell, your personal narrative essay should be divided in this way:

  • Introduction: State what you would like to explore in this essay.
  • Main body: Merely do it. Share your emotions and narrate the events.
  • Conclusion: Reword the key ideas.

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