How to Write a Marketing Essay

A marketing essay is a type of persuasive writing, which strives to promote services or goods. Students can be asked to introduce some past and present day marketing concepts, as well as discuss a company and its marketing strategies. It means that writing papers in marketing needs strong critical skills, whereas the writer should be able to easily persuade the reader by presenting a clear analysis of the promoted services and products.

Though working on marketing essays can be difficult, it is very effective to develop a set of skills. Students should clearly understand the essence of what drives the economy and how modern businesses strive to get the maximum market share. In all marketing papers, students are required to carry out research about the chosen product and create an outline of how it is promoted by its producing company, what marketing strategies company administration utilizes to increase the effectiveness of promotion, etc. As you can see, papers in marketing hold a vast scope of topics. If you would like to know how to submit a good essay, check our simple writing rules below.

When We Speak of Marketing, What do We Mean?

To understand the process that goes into writing a marketing paper, it is first essential to know what the term “marketing” means. To achieve an effective strategy in the marketing world, it is necessary to study the various elements that are likely to deliver advantages and financial gain in the marketplace. To write a successful marketing essay, it is essential to start by determining what elements are the most prominent and important for supporting the paper’s thesis. The first step involves thoroughly researching the various aspects of the subject using credible information sources. After this, writing the essay itself requires great care, not least because good ideas are not worth much if one fails to get them across.

Step-by-step guide on writing a marketing essay

The primary step is to check marketing essay topics and focus on the one that makes sense to you. You should choose the topic you know much about. Otherwise, you will have to read much to find the relevant information in books, journals, interviews, etc. It will take much time and strengths, so do not underestimate the importance of choosing a good topic. At the same time, your topic should not be simple. Teachers do not like to read marketing essays written on the same topics, so consult with your classmates to see if there are no duplicate topics.

The next step is defining your thesis statement for a marketing essay. It will help you understand the essence of the required reading and will narrow down your focus. Attend library or surf the net for the credible and scholarly sources on your topic. It is always preferable to conduct an extensive research, so that you will see the issue from multiple angles. Reading various perspectives will give you a good opportunity to understand the market needs, identify the strong and weak sides of production, understand company’s competitiveness, etc. Do not forget that the structure of your essay should be clear and concise. You are welcome to use subheadings to ease the reading comprehension of information.

Before writing the paper, you should work on a marketing plan essay that will give you an excellent possibility to outline the major themes to be further discussed. In marketing papers, students should discuss the quality of a product, their promotion in different locations, innovative approaches towards introducing services in different settings, understanding market demands for the effective production, etc. College essays must be based on one focal point, so do not try to discuss multiple issues in one paper.

Marketing essays should be written in an effective manner to influence readers’ perception. Do not forget to use profound evidential support to prove your claims. If you express ideas of others in the form of direct quotes or paraphrasing, always give credit to the original source not to be blamed for plagiarism. If you think that writing marketing papers will take too much time and you will still not get an excellent grade, you can always rely on our online writing company. Our writers are proficient and well-versed in producing papers in all fields of study, and marketing is not an exception. We will send you a well-written essay with fresh ideas on the topic.

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Marketing Essay Example

Stages of Writing Marketing Essay Assignments

When attempting to cover the various marketing functions and strategies in an essay, or even when writing any type of essay, it is important to understand the process is more involved than just getting your words and/or your ideas onto paper. You also need good writing skills as well as a keen interest in your topic or subject.


Look at Existing Frameworks

When approaching a marketing essay – exactly as applies to other sciences and fields of study – begin by looking at the logical frameworks that have been developed by other experts in the past. If you are a consultant in a marketing environment, for example, one of your tasks would be to look at companies and various products to understand their place or position in the current market. You would then develop your own view or perspective on marketplace advantage and business strategies or tactics. Next, you would consider applying any existing theories (e.g. theories like those of Michael Porter and Philip Kotler) and/ or any existing theoretical approaches that might help you address the issues you want to cover.

In an essay about marketing, the next stage involves compiling a list of reference materials – e.g. books and studies – that might be useful. However, remember to put quality over quantity. The recommended policy is to find good-quality, reliable source material that provides the best possible information to support an essay’s topic or subject matter. Moreover, look for the most recent sources available e.g. those published by Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, and similarly prestigious universities. Sources like these are more valid than ones obtained from magazines, newspapers, or websites. However, the latter should not be ruled out as citable sources. Try to strike an appropriate balance in terms of academic and other sources. Around ten cited sources are considered about right – or sufficiently impressive – for this type of essay.

In marketing essay writing, once you decide upon a central thesis, you will need to create an essay outline, divided into sections with notes for each section. This outline acts as a blueprint or plan for the rest of your essay. It helps put order to your ideas and arguments and it contributes to the development of strong support for your essay’s thesis. An effective outline should contain information about any existing framework(s) you have chosen and it should show how these apply to business places in the real world. Later, you can add examples of any case studies that are relevant – of which there are many – again to help you argue your main point or idea. Being able to write this type of essay implies you know how to select the most suitable examples to support and justify your viewpoint.


The Use of Case Study Examples

When developing a marketing essay introduction and outline, the use of case studies is a good way of understanding how your chosen topic may be relevant to both marketing analysts and business owners/leaders. Emphasizing what you have discovered and its potential is another good strategy for beginning an essay e.g. summing-up how the topic you have chosen could be useful in a marketing setting. This approach will not just get the attention of readers, but it is also an easy way of getting a paper started.

Once your essay’s introduction is written, your argument will need to be logically developed e.g. discussing the topic one step at a time so that the ideas flow in a coherent and natural way. The outline can be used as a guide or roadmap to help you expand each idea with examples and additional detail. Your essay’s main body will present your opinions and findings in a way that is convincing and crystal clear.

Once an effective essay marketing strategy is chosen, the next step after you have developed a convincing thesis and presented your arguments is setting out your conclusion(s). If there are any question(s) that remain unanswered, address them here in a convincing and competent manner. Do your best to cover an adequate amount of information i.e. what can or should readers learn from your essay or how might the conclusions you reach be useful at some future time. You could additionally offer your reflections and recommendations before finally getting to your conclusion.


Revise Your Work

After completing your marketing essay conclusion – the last part of your essay – the next stage is revision, which can be a costly mistake if neglected. The reasons for revising a completed essay are numerous. For instance, you may have forgotten to mention a particularly important problem or skipped an important idea, etc. Revising a paper several times really improves the chances of making it much better. Furthermore, there is a chance of finding a useful idea for a future piece of writing. All said, you should set aside at least one day for revision when organizing your essay writing time.


Edit Your Work

In an argumentative essay about marketing, the editing stage is not the same as revision. This step involves checking grammar and language usage, whereas revision deals more with information and ideas. A spell-checker can be used to identify grammar mistakes and you need to ensure your writing reads sensibly. Reading a text aloud is a good way of identifying errors. Additionally, you should not hesitate to give your work to another person with experience in the marketing field to read. Their feedback can prove invaluable.


Format Your Work

After making sure all the marketing research paper ideas you can think of are covered, take a look at your essay’s formatting. If you really understand the writing process, you will know it means going over every single aspect, including your paper’s format. This is often taken into account at the grading stage so check that your essay is written in the required format.

To conclude, keep in mind that a successful marketing paper is founded on credible sources, is written in a serious tone, every detail is given careful attention, and it should answer all topic-related questions. Adhering to these principles will send a strong message that you have the qualities to become a competent marketing expert.

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