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The purpose of any informal essay is to create a moment of pleasure. Imagine how many academic scholarly papers your supervisors have to read every day. Now it is time to enjoy the process of writing and produce a nice paper that includes the elements of fiction, narration, and humor. However, it is wrong to believe that informal papers are non-academic. The informal essay definition says that it is still an academic work which, nonetheless, provides students with some freedom of representation and writing. As a student working on your informal essay, you are still entitled to follow the academic essay structure, include a thesis statement, and provide your audience with a comprehensive insight into the subject of your choice.

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Informal Essay Peculiarities

Feel free to express your subjective opinions and talk to your audience. You can use simple conversational phrases. However, avoid using slang. Looking at the best informal essay examples, you will see that they are all presented in a sound academic manner and simply include some personal opinions, beliefs, viewpoints, or judgments. You can find tons of informal essay samples online. They can be particularly helpful, if you have no experience writing an informal essay. You may also want to look at the opinion pieces published by renowned newspapers and magazines. They can also tell you what it takes to produce a perfect informal paper. You should maintain an academic tone. However, you are allowed to pursue a more journalistic, evaluative and conversational style. At the same time, you still need to develop a strong thesis statement. Provide evidence to support your claims. Evaluate you evidence and make relevant predictions. Inform your reader. Make your reader interested in what you are writing.

Develop effective writing prompts for your informal essay

Draft your informal essay and refine it, until you are ready to show it to the public. You can choose among thousands of topics for your informal paper. Their range is virtually unlimited, so feel free to use what you like most. For example, you can describe your most admired celebrities or your religious views and their place in a multicultural world. You can share the story of your survival or discuss whether you believe in the technological revolution. Whatever topic you choose, follow the recommendations and instructions provided by your teacher. Write your informal essay in ways that engage your readers in the discussion of the most painful issues. Be more personal than ever and share your ideas with the audience.

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