How to Write a Memo: Strategies for Dealing with Your Assignment

Many students wonder how to write a memo since they do not get such an assignment really often. Usually, memo writing is more inherent in business writing rather than in academic writing. 

What is a memo? – It is a brief document that is prepared in business settings and that is perfect for communication within an office and among colleagues. When comparing it with a business letter, one should definitely state that a memo is more informal and brief. As a result, it can be claimed that it is easier to prepare a memo than a business letter or email. When you have a look at some memo template found on the Internet, you will notice that the core aims of writing a memo is to convey some message or idea, inform the personnel about something, announce about the introduction of a new policy, inform about changes in the company, etc. 

Memo Writing Tips

  • make sure the memo is brief and concise;
  • ensure that it grabs readers’ attention from the very first line;
  • make sure it is clear and understandable in content;
  • keep in mind that the main message is placed at the beginning with a short logical introduction to it;
  • make sure that you sound strong and convincing in your memo;
  • indicate the call to action or further steps needed to be taken by those addressed.

What Is an Effectively Written Memo Writing Assignment Like?

  1. A successful memo should be short and succinct in content. The idea should be communicated clearly and directly. Therefore, do not write in long sentences – prefer bullet points overall. 
  2. Make sure you start the memo writing process with brainstorming. Although it may seem as a time-consuming procedure for you, it is helpful. It will actually assist you to come up with ideas quickly.
  3. Make sure you revise and edit the memo before sending it out. When revising, pay attention to the vocabulary choice, sentence structures, grammar, and punctuation among other criteria. 
  4. Make sure you clearly formulate the subject of the memo. When receiving the memo, your readers should immediately know and understand what it deals with. 
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How to Write a Memo: Recommendations on the Writing Tone

  1. The choice of vocabulary actually determines the writing tone of a memo. As such, be picky about the verbs (i.e. declarative forms or commands), sentence structures, terms, etc.
  2. Avoid unnecessary interpretations, explanations or irrelevant background information. Remember that you are limited in the number of words for a memo, so be sure you do not sound confusing. Your core aim is either to inform the audience about something or explain some issue. So, do it as clearly as possible.
  3. When writing the text, think about the target audience and choose the vocabulary correspondingly. 
  4. Strike a balance between formal and informal tone of writing. When it comes to memo writing, it is somewhere in-between, so maintain a semi-formal style.

Free Memo Template

Memo Format and Structure

A memo has a special format that is strikingly different from business letters or emails. Therefore, it is a must that you adhere to all the rules and standards. Normally, bullet points, tables, headings, graphs, diagrams, and lists make the information better comprehensible by readers. 

Overall, a memo consists of two main parts: the memo heading and the main body. In the heading, be sure to specify the subject, the recipient as well as the time and reason for writing. If to analyze the heading and the body in detail, be sure to have the following components:



To whom the memo may concern:

  • mention each person who should receive the memo;
  • if the memo is formal and addresses different departments or teams of the company, make sure to mention this information as well;
  • include full names as well as titles if the recipients on the list are unknown to each other;
  • include just the last name and the first initial of a person if the recipients are well acquainted;
  • the order of the recipients should be either according to the alphabetical order or according to the rank.



  • include the name of the sender(s) according to the above-mentioned rule.



  • indicate the month, date, and year when the memo was composed;
  • write the names of month fully — do not use numbers for days and months as it may be confusing;
  • avoid acronyms and abbreviations.


Subject (Re:)

  • make sure the subject is indicated as briefly and concisely as possible;
  • the subject should be specific and not too broad.


Copy/ carbon copy (C or CC)

  • provide a list of recipients expected to receive the information.



When it comes to the main part of the memo, the body intends to communicate the message across and convey the main idea or purpose why the memo was sent. Normally, the text of the memo is composed of the following parts:

  1. Introduction. It provides a statement of the problem/ reason why the memo is written.
  2. Statement of fact. Here you need to introduce the issue and specify it. 
  3. Argumentation. Provide strong explanation of the problem significance, justify the reasons (if required), and provide evidence in what way the facts are relevant.
  4. Conclusion. Provide a concise summary of the discussion, provide recommendations, suggestions, and a call to action if needed. 



When it comes to formatting, adhere to generally accepted and used principles:

  • Provide 1-inch margins;
  • Make sure the font is legible (the font type should be more or less professional and black in color);
  • All lines but for the Memo Line should start from the left margin. The memo line can be placed at the center;
  • The body of the memo text should be written in single space. Two spaces should be put between the memo paragraphs;
  • In case your memo is longer than usual, please include headings and provide the same header on the second page;
  • Do not write any greetings after the memo heading.

Memo Example

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