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Many students believe that there is no topic that hasn`t been analyzed or debated yet. It seems that everything that an average student may need can be found on the web, and it is impossible to avoid plagiarism when writing an essay or a research paper. That is the main reason the students find it difficult to pick up an interesting and undeveloped topic. The following article is going to explain you what is plagiarism and why it is totally unacceptable in academic writing.

The first mentions of plagiarism go to the Romantic Movement that is known as the period of the flourishing of art and literature. The Romantic artists were trying to present only authentic and original works to impress their audience.

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What is plagiarism?

The general plagiarism definition explains that it is an illegal copy-pasting the thoughts or ideas without acknowledging their author. Indeed, when plagiarizing the work of another person you show disrespect and discourtesy. You should understand that like any other academic crime, it can lead to the terrible consequences in your college or university. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find the traces of plagiarism in a paper since the cheaters go online and submit the works of other people as their own.

Nowadays, some students dare to neglect their grades and submit low-quality and plagiarized papers. Of course, they risk getting the failing grades and negative academic reputation. Certainly, an average professor has a few effective tools for plagiarism checking. Usually, he / she buys access to the sophisticated plagiarism checkers and checks every submitted essay very carefully. However, there are some types of plagiarism that can be hardly detected by the sophisticated plagiarism detection software.

Types of plagiarism

Indeed, there are various types of expressing the innermost thoughts and feelings. Every person deserves to be known as the author of an outstanding idea. Unfortunately, intellectual property is the one that can be easily stolen. Taking into consideration a general plagiarism definition, one can say that there are many types of academic plagiarism. The most common type is where the student copies the work of another author and submits it as his/her own piece of writing.

Sometimes, the student cheats when copy-pasting the short sentences and mixing them with his/her own ideas. Even if this type of plagiarism can hardly be found, we assure you that it is a totally unacceptable approach to academic writing. The other type of plagiarism includes quoting of the thoughts of other people without proper referencing. Your paper may be considered as plagiarized even if the quote is not correctly applied. To avoid it, you should learn all the peculiarities of the required writing style. Also, the students should avoid the unintended plagiarism. Sometimes, after the extensive researching, some of your thoughts may coincide with the ideas of the other writers and you may plagiarize without any purpose. Thus, be sure to check your paper before submitting on one of the vast majority of the plagiarism checkers available online.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned things, you should understand that avoiding plagiarism should be the key priority of every student since only original and authentic paper will bring you the highest grades.

We assure you that if you want to get the respect of your professor, it is vitally important to avoid plagiarism along with all its traces.

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