Creating a Superior Exploratory Essay

While being a student, you expose yourself to a variety of writing opportunities. An exploratory essay is just one of the many kinds of papers you will be entitled to write. Whatever exploratory essay topics you choose for your work, remember that each exploratory essay has a number of distinctive features. It is different from narrative, descriptive, and compare and contrast essays. To produce a perfect exploratory essay, you do not need to persuade your readers. You do not need to argue or defend your viewpoint. Your purpose is to explore the subject of your choice and to present the results to your audience. Do not forget to include a thesis statement that should operate as the last sentence of the introduction.

An exploratory essay is designed to give a student an opportunity to investigate an issue of interest in greater detail. Looking at numerous exploratory essay examples, it is easy to see that most of them also offer solutions or recommendations to improve the situation. In exploratory essay writing, students should follow a number of recommendations. They should also be ready to address the requirements and quality criteria provided by their teachers. So, when you are clear about the topic you want to explore in your paper, think of the way you want to accomplish your task. One of the most important things about exploratory essay writing is that a student must know how he or she will investigate the issue in question. It is not enough to analyze the subject. You need to tell your readers what you have done or what you are going to do to fulfill your writing task. In any case, your exploratory paper must include an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

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  • As you are writing an introduction to your exploratory essay, include some background information related to your topic

Introduce the issue you wish to analyze and tell your readers why it is important for them. You may want to describe the causes of the issue and the earlier attempts to resolve it. You may even propose several solutions to make your exploratory paper more systematic and informative. Then you can move to writing the body of your work. This is where you provide the key information you have retrieved as part of your exploration. Share the details of the sources you have used to answer the research question or develop a solution to the problem of your choice. State the main reasons why you believe these sources to be relevant to your study question.

  • In all exploratory papers, do not forget about conclusions

A good conclusion for your exploratory essay will necessarily incorporate a restated thesis statement and a brief summary of your work. You should outline the key solutions you have proposed and recommend the best one. Ask questions and provide answers, so that your readers have a good understanding of your topic.

Exploratory Essay Example

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