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It is necessary to state that many students across the globe face problems with their excel homework and, as a result, start looking for someone who could help them resolve the issue. Some of them are busy doing endless assignments given by their professors, others participate in various activities and, therefore, lack time to do the assigned tasks. It is also necessary to admit that many learners are not aware of the specifics of Excel application and, as a result, cannot handle their tasks on their own. The chief reasons for being incapable of completing the said exercises are the following:

  • Improper understanding of the Microsoft excel assignment
  • Unawareness of MS Excel
  • Little time to complete the given assignment
  • Lack of skills

Doing excel tasks is rather complicated. In order to complete the project well, one has to be completely familiar with the details and peculiarities of Excel software. Moreover, one has to be knowledgeable about the matter in question and know how to do proper planning, i.e. manage their time.

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Peculiarities of MS Excel

The mentioned computer program is used for arranging and processing data. It was developed by Microsoft for different operational systems and is rather useful in managing a huge amount of information.

Benefits of MS Excel

  1. It is helpful in comparing data. By using Excel, you will not face any problems with analyzing statistical data even if its amount is enormous. It is worth admitting that this function is particularly useful for those dealing with complex business projects. Additionally, MS Excel is useful in summarizing data. Owing to the charts and graphs option, users can structure the pieces of information both quickly and appropriately, i.e. in the required mode.
  2. It is a time-saving tool. The developers of Excel update it regularly to make it more convenient and useful for users. The changes that have been made recently let users analyze much data in a short period of time. Owing to the sorting and filtering functions, you can easily exclude the unnecessary items from the amount of information you are analyzing and get solutions to your problems faster. If to add graphs and pivot tables to the said functions, searching for the needed pieces of information stored in the Excel spreadsheet is a piece of cake. It is also necessary to admit that Excel application can be adapted to any device meaning you can use it either on your PC or any other gadget.
  3. It can be used by several people at once. Owing to the development and improvement of MS Excel application, you can use it simultaneously with other people. This option is very helpful for the team working on a specific project, especially if it is a lengthy and complex one. In this case, the task given by either a professor at your educational establishment or a supervisor at work can be completed quickly. One more superior feature of Excel that deserves praise is its online availability. If the spreadsheet you are using is available online, you will be able to access it from any location. Thus, you do not have to sit in front of your computer all the time waiting for new tasks. You can work on your documents on the move (what is very useful for businessmen).

Main Functions of Excel

excel exercises tipsData Input

It is considered one of the common tasks when it goes about excel assignments. The data can be entered in the spreadsheet in numerous ways. The most widely used method is by means of shortcuts what lets users save much time.

excel exercises tipsKeyboard Shortcuts

It is advised for students to spend some time learning the main keyboard shortcuts that are commonly used in Excel. Being fully aware of the chief shortcuts, you will spend less time on completing the given tasks.

excel exercises tipsCell Reference

It is essential for those dealing with Excel to know how to copy links and formulas presented in Excel cells.

excel exercises tipsTimes and Dates in Excel

The mentioned items can be stored in excel in the form of numbers. Being aware of this function, those doing excel exercises containing dates will be able to handle them efficiently.

excel exercises tipsConversion between Different Types of Data

If you know how to convert different kinds of data in Excel, you will not face any difficulties when doing your assignments. 

excel exercises tipsView Options

When utilizing Excel, one may modify the view of a specific spreadsheet by using the zoom. Additionally, Excel can display the inserted formulas (this is one of the major functions of Excel).

excel exercises tipsFormatting

When talking about Excel, formatting is much more than making a spreadsheet look neat. The basic and the most important purpose of formatting is to arrange the spreadsheet professionally. It should be also added that there is an option of changing the explanation or interpretation of the information presented in the cells of the Excel document. It is necessary to state that wrong format may cause misunderstanding and confusion meaning the provided data may be interpreted in a wrong way. It, in its turn, may lead to failure.

excel exercises tipsSubtotals

The subtotals can be depicted by referring to the embedded commands and functions. Owing to this peculiarity, students will be able to save some time and complete the assigned exercises more quickly.

excel exercises tipsHyperlinks

Remember that hyperlinks have to be used correctly, as they may transform a common worksheet into the one preserving a huge amount of data.

excel exercises tipsFiltering

Those dealing with excel homework assignments will have to process a huge amount of data. By applying specific filters, it will be easier for students to complete their writing projects successfully.

excel exercises tipsPivot Tables

These tables are useful for analyzing the bulk of information. Now, students will have an opportunity to do their exercises faster.

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