Nowadays the process of marijuana legalization in the USA faces numerous controversies because of different attitudes of people towards this issue. For example, marijuana advocates claim that legalization of this substance will positively impact the economy of the country as it will create additional workplaces, eliminate the amounts of black markets, and, finally, drastically decrease the court as well as correction costs. On the contrary, opponents of marijuana legalization claim that this process will … Details >>

The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of Lord

In people’s perception, religious extremism and terrorism are associated with Islam in the first place. However, fundamentalist organizations are potentially dangerous, irrespective of the particular religion. Fevered religious feelings result in murderous acts covered by the assumed God’s will. Those engaged in Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, the bombing of Atlanta Olympics of 1996, and the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church explosion of 1963 in Alabama professed Christian ideology. While the reasons … Details >>

Online Gaming and Privacy

Online gaming has become pervasive in the era of computer technology. Apart from it being a fashionable way, through which people socialize with their acquaintances, it is also a suitable way that most parents have adopted to occupy their children constructively. The majority of modern children are hardly found loitering in the country side for lack of errands; instead, they would be busy searching and combing through sites for relevant games to play. It is believed that online games … Details >>

Contemporary Sociological Theory: Feher vs. Davis

Along with an unstoppable pace of multifaceted enhancement of various phenomena, such as advancement in technologies, theoretical understanding of different concepts changes as well. In particular, a hypothetical perception of self and subjectivity of an individual within social constraints have thoroughly transformed for the last decades. Contemporary reality is overwhelmed with all-embracing commodification and consumerism. Hence, this circumstance has made its impact on positioning of a person in the context of … Details >>

Century Changes and American Social Groups

For a long time, the community of the United States had been faced with several trends that have changed not only the course of American and world history, but also have identified social relations between different social groups. However, led by political and social motives, the changes during a century did not affect all social groups of diversified composition of the country. This paper deals with the problems that arise due to the ambiguous position of African Americans. Their … Details >>

Role of Celebrities in Social Movements

With the increase in ethical consumerism, companies and their respective brands are being marketed as socially responsible entities for them to remain sustainable. Owing to the fact that celebrities today are analogous to brands, they are compelled to exhibit social responsibility in to maintain their celebrity status. As a result, celebrities are increasingly becoming involved in social movements such as environmental conservation and wildlife preservation. The role that celebrities play in social movement is emphasized by the … Details >>