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Nowadays the process of marijuana legalization in the USA faces numerous controversies because of different attitudes of people towards this issue. For example, marijuana advocates claim that legalization of this substance will positively impact the economy of the country as it will create additional workplaces, eliminate the amounts of black markets, and, finally, drastically decrease the court as well as correction costs. On the contrary, opponents of marijuana legalization claim that this process will lead to unprecedented crisis. The given paper aims to identify and analyze the advantages and drawbacks of marijuana legalization. 

Mike Miliard who holds the post of managing editor states that marijuana is not a dangerous drug and, that is why, it should be removed from the sphere of criminal justice. In simple words, the consumption and distribution of marijuana should be regulated by governmental agencies in a way similar to tobacco as well as alcohol. The results of statistics prove that approximately 40 percent of Americans have tried this drug at least once in their lives. Moreover, above 70% of interviewees vote for legalization of marijuana because it would benefit the economy of the country and consumers of this substance. Mike Miliard states that although governmental agencies and society are not ready for these radical governmental reforms, it is supposed that marijuana legalization will boost economic development of the country as legalization will give the chance to tax marijuana. In case every person willing to consume marijuana has a chance to purchase it legally, the government will get an opportunity to combat severe budget deficit. In simple words, the economy of the USA will get crucial benefits in case governmental agencies review and change current marijuana policies. At the same time, the author notes that legalization of marijuana is an effective method of depriving so-called “marijuana gangsters” of huge revenues. In case marijuana is legalized on the territory on the whole country, there will be no need to promote the development of black markets.

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On the contrary, Charles Stimson who holds the post of the senior legal fellow assures that there is no need to legalize marijuana because it will threaten the health of people and welfare of entire communities. In spite of the fact that the attempts of the government to combat the consumption of drugs resulted in failure, there is no need to legalize marijuana because this substance is unhealthy and addictive. Instead of contributing to health and welfare of societies, legalization of marijuana will increase the percentage of drug-addicted individuals throughout the country. Moreover, although social costs of marijuana legalizations are not very high, legalization of this addictive substance will definitely increase crime and incarceration rates. Charles Stimson believes that marijuana is far more dangerous than alcohol. In case people have permission to grow, harvest, share, and sell marijuana officially, numerous people will have serious problems with their health. Current literature proves that marijuana causes addiction and many other threatening health risks, especially strokes, brain damage, and numerous birth defects. Besides, medical examinations prove that long-term consumption of this addictive drug leads to cognitive degradation of people. Many doctors convince that legalization of marijuana will have detrimental consequences on human health because marijuana not only alters mood, but also damages appropriate motor coordination and deprives people of the opportunity to cope with simple daily activities. Long-term consumption of marijuana may cause intoxication of a human organism that may result even in death. These data provide convincing evidence that consumption of marijuana is not safe because this drug has extremely ambiguous health effects. Although some scientists claim that short-term use of marijuana with medical purposes is not dangerous, Charles Stimson states that marijuana is not safe and, that is why, it should not be legalized. Despite the fact that marijuana is a so-called “soft” drug, it is still a threatening substance that causes health-threatening physical and mental disorders. Finally, the researcher states that legalization of marijuana will probably threaten public health and safety because there will be more “marijuana addicted” individuals in the USA in case marijuana is legalized. 

Having shed light on two opposing arguments concerning marijuana legalization, I would like to stress that I vote against legalization of this drug because it will have negative consequences not only on separate individuals, but on the entire communities. To begin with, I believe that marijuana should remain illegal because consumption of this drug will result in “mass marketing”. Secondly, it seems to me that various accidents, fatalities, and crime rates will drastically increase. Thirdly, because it is proven that marijuana negatively influences human health, I believe that legalization of marijuana will results in detrimental consequences on effective performance, quality, turnover rates, and safety of employees. I am deeply convinced that legalization of this addictive substance will accelerate the development of black markets throughout the country. Finally, because legalization of marijuana will increase the amounts of potential consumers, this drug will threaten not only human health and welfare, but environment as well. 

Thus, despite numerous controversies concerning the legalization of marijuana, it is possible to summarize that this substance should remain illegal because marijuana is a dangerous and addictive drug that deprives people of the opportunity to remain healthy and energetic. In addition, marijuana not only damages human health, but also threatens public safety, motivates young people to consume drugs, and drastically decreases the quality of life. 

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