Identity Essay (Social Sciences)

This research paper undertakes an analysis of current explanations of identity that appears to be a complicated as well as an unclear concept that nonetheless participates in a central duty in the ongoing debates in almost all subfields of social science. Identity as mostly stated derives the work of renowned psychologists such as Erik Erickson back in late 1950’s. However; dictionary meanings haven’t caught up and thus failing to grab the identity’s current meanings in contexts of social science. Thus, identity … Details >>

Caste System in Society

Caste systems have been part of the leading characteristics of social organizations for the past years. A caste system is defined as a social configuration that is genetic by nature and dwells in some cultural setting. It can lead to cases of the assured categorization of people by unexpected birth instead of their deeds or temperament, whereby they are marginalized or coerced. Caste is not merely a variable, which affects social stipulations. In cases where caste systems are applied, they are … Details >>


Freedom in the American context is a multifaceted concept just like equality and justice. According to Farmer there is no complete unanimity in American politics and history on exactly what are the meaning of freedom as different eras had freedom taking different meanings. However, the concept of self-determination is viewed as including political sovereignty, civil liberties, economic autonomy and other specific lack of restrictions listed in the US Constitution. In Heuvel … Details >>

The Good Society

There are a number of elements that makes a good society. One of the characteristics of a good society is the one that has strong constitutional institutions that enhances the process of people living in harmony. A society should be able to provide institutions that facilitate the process of resolving conflicts in the most peaceful manner. For instance, a good society should have judiciary institutions that are strong, transparent and corruption free, so that people can have faith in … Details >>

Proposal for a Community-Based Program

Nobody would deny the fact that individual attitudes and decisions affect and manage the society. Health-related habits and actions of each community member are increasingly important as they reflect a shared social ethics and eventually the well-being of the society. As a matter of fact, personal choices and decisions heavily depend upon a variety of external factors, such as education, finance, ethnicity, gender, age, etc. In providing high-quality health care much attention … Details >>

Should Americans Be Allowed To Carry Guns?

Like many subjects revolving around human security, discussions on gun control continue to dominate public and political platforms. They have gradually become controversial, especially in this era when mass shootings in the United States have unfortunately become a disturbing trend seemingly on the rise. Mass shooting incidents and gun violence have in the recent days become rampant in public places such as schools, streets, shopping malls, train and bus stations, airports, and even movie … Details >>