September 06, 2019 in Psychology

Personal Worldview

As many people live in the globe, as many thoughts, interpreting the reality and believe on the truth exist. Such way of thinking about the reality and the most important issues in the world means personal worldview. It can change during human lifespan and has greatly influenced by the science or the religion. Determining human worldview includes discussing the questions about the prime reality, human beings, the world around them, human history, death, and right or wrong issues. This paper presents my personal worldview through answering the above questions as well as defining the terms of spirituality, pluralism, scientism, and postmodernism.

Answering the question about prime reality, it may possible to say that it is God, the gods, or the material universe. An astrophysicist Carl Sagan admitted that the cosmos is everything that is nowadays or that ever will be. Main universities in the world teach the scientific view on the way the Universe became into being (all came in existence with a big bang billions of years ago). However, according to the Christian theistic, prime reality is “the infinite, personal God revealed in the Holy Scriptures. This God is triune, transcendent and immanent, omniscient, sovereign, and good”. 

The answer to the question about the world around us is necessary to consider by pointing to the way people see the world created: autonomous, chaotic or orderly; whether it is as matter or as spirit. It can also be a personal relationship to the world around or its objectivity apart from humans. 

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Due to theistic worldview, human being is created by God’s image and hence, possesses personality, intelligence, morality, self-transcendence, creativity, and sociality. As a person is made in Christ’s image, he/she shares such attributes as personality, life, love, wisdom, justice, truth, holiness, and has the potential for spiritual communication with Him. There are various definitions of spirituality as it means something different to every person. For some people, it is the state of being spiritual or the quality of being concerned with religion by going to church, a mosque, and a synagogue. For other humans, it is getting in touch with the spiritual side via private prayer, meditation, quiet reflection, or long individual walks. As same as God, the humans are personalities with their feelings, have capacity for getting knowledge, understanding right and wrong actions, social ability. As God created the Universe, people are also gifted with the aptitude to be originative with various things. 

For many people death and life after it is an enigma. Some humans think that nothing happens at that time as a person go into a perpetual sleep and he/she is never conscious again. Others propose that after human death an individual reincarnated in a new animal. However, due to the Christian worldview, everyone dies only once and after that has judgment. Human eternal existence starts after death. As God was raised, humans would raise as well, either to perpetual life with Christ in honor or under His anger.

For most people the question “Why is it possible to know anything at all?” can be puzzling one. As God created the capacity of humans to be intellectual and creative, they can know the globe around them. As Christ knows everything because he is the core intelligent agency in the Universe, people are able to understand everything beginning from a shopping basket to the construction of the highest skyscraper that forms from their ability to design as well as create new things. The achievements of humankind in the fields of academic area, architecture, art, and music are an outcome of human being that is made in the God’s image.

Coming out from personal worldview it is hard to answer what is wrong or right. It can depend on person’s understanding of goodness and evil. For example, Hitler suggested that he was right by killing millions of people, although everyone knows he was a cruel leader. Some humans may suggest that the government should create standards to determine the right and wrong actions. However, it can be subjective morality views. 

Considering the meaning of human history, it is necessary to note that it is “linear, a meaningful sequence of events leading to the fulfillment of God’s purposes for humanity”. Human living on the planet Earth is for God’s aims and, in fact, this history is his story. 

As humans are able to know anything to all, they should understand different concepts well. In my opinion, pluralism is a quality of people of diverse classes, races, or religions to live together in the community, but keep their personal traditions and interests. Some people may claim that scientism studies science. I think that it is a worldview on understanding the world around us and the fundamental things in creating it. In other words, scientism is a relationship amid the science and religion.  Another term that is close to worldview is postmodernism. This approach to the reality has a substantial impact on science, architecture, law, literature, history, education, art, theatre, and human viewpoint on religion. 

In conclusion, personal worldview is fundamental in human well being as it provides the basic for people’s moral values and respective actions. It ensures the holistic perspective that helps individuals to interpret the evidence. According to my experience, personal worldview can be conscious or subliminal as well as may change or improve throughout the lifespan. 

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