Color Effects on People

Colors influence the emotional state of a person by evoking certain responses. In fact, each color affects people’s mood and behavior in a different way. Colors can make humans fell calm and relaxed or, on the contrary, angry and irritated. Considering the universal meaning of people’s reactions to colors, one may distinguish red and blue colors of the color spectrum. Colors on the red side of the spectrum are considered warm ones and include red, orange, and yellow. Blue, green, and … Details >>

Self-reflection Paper

In the course of our learning, we have been able to learn several things about organizational behavior being one of them. Through organizational behavior, we have been imparted with important knowledge about the group and individual dynamics of organizations. Information about organization behavior is helpful in various workplaces that people go to work after completing education. It is during my time as a volunteer in Juma’s service department that I was able to see firsthand … Details >>

Personal Worldview

As many people live in the globe, as many thoughts, interpreting the reality and believe on the truth exist. Such way of thinking about the reality and the most important issues in the world means personal worldview. It can change during human lifespan and has greatly influenced by the science or the religion. Determining human worldview includes discussing the questions about the prime reality, human beings, the world around them, human history, death, and right or wrong … Details >>

Professional and Personal Growth

What personal qualities and life, work and school experiences do you bring to a graduate program that I will benefit and add value? This program seems to serve the interests of the experienced professionals who are willing to get more insights and in-depth perspective. I consider myself to be a suitable candidate for this program, as I indeed possess a quite rich experience in everything related to … Details >>

Complexity of Management

A complexity of management entails intricate actions exhibited by company’s managers, including management challenges that organizations experience every day. This also includes how management team can help reduce the complexity in an organisation. Henry and his son Richard have acquired the Vernon Road Bleaching and Dyeing Co. Ltd., which is facing difficulties working with the employees, further affecting its success. The case study depicts a clear example of … Details >>

What Makes Life Meaningful

Meaningful life is essential to the ultimate success of any person in the world. However, the central question that lingers in the minds of many individuals when talking about life is always, what makes life meaningful? Different aspects such as relationships, imagination, love, and thinking have always been tipped the essential elements that make life more meaningful. However, love seems to stand out among all these elements in terms of making life meaningful among for … Details >>