Interpersonal Relationships at School

Interpersonal relationships are a critical part of human socialization at all levels of life (Moolenaar, Daly and Sleegers, 2012. Being a social animal, man has to create friendship that encourages consummate and productive relationship Details >>

The Mindfulness Solution

Human life is undoubtedly difficult since many problems arise during it. Undesirable changes and losses occur in day-to-day lives. People concern about their health, family, and well-being that inevitably evokes emotional suffering. They tend to imagine their future, rather than appreciate what they have at the present moment. Details >>

Letter of Advice

Finding love is not so simple, but it is only half the battle. It is important to maintain feelings and overcome difficulties to keep a relationship in harmony. There are no hopeless situations even when it comes to the personal life. It is wonderful when loved a couple is ready to support each other in all situations while making everything to save the family. The willingness to assist in personal development is an extremely important factor in the integrity of the relationship. However, it is important to remember that … Details >>

The Neuroscience of Moral Decision Making in Ethics

In the psychology, the decision-making is as a cognitive process, which results in a range of opinion or course of action among several alternatives. Every decision-making process produces a final choice, which may encourage or induce action. In neuroscience, decision-making and human will designate certain higher cognitive processes or functions related to the control of behavior. The will characterized by concepts such as motivation, cognitive control and ability to make decisions. Neuroscience findings and … Details >>

Personal Leadership Development Plan

While coming up with a personal leadership plan, it is vital to acknowledge the personal leadership vision. The aspect of personal development can be enhanced by building new relationships, learning new information and creating a new feedback mechanism. In addition, an effective leadership plan should always address the leadership skills that need improvement. The plan should also incorporate benchmarks that ascertain how one is progressing in building power and influence. This is … Details >>

We Are Not Totally Safe Using the Internet

Online addiction, cyber crime and exposure to wrong content negate the positive impact of the internet technology. The internet was invented to help man solve problems of information access and communication. Some people however use the internet to hurt themselves and others. Cyber criminals for example take advantage of people’s innocence to rob them of their finances. Some people also browse a lot of negative internet content which ultimately polite their minds. Access of sites of … Details >>