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Declaration of Independence


It is with no doubt that The Declaration of Independence is one of the most crucial documents ever to be printed in American history. The document was signed by 56 diverse men from different states. Thomas Jefferson is known to be the author of the report; however, the history behind it remains unpopular among many people. There are several important events that led to its signing for example availability of many laws that were passed and which interfered with the freedom of many English colonists in American. Although Thomas Jefferson is regarded as the author of this document, a group of five people were appointed to draw up the declaration. The paper was all about the separation of 13 colonies in the North America. It is one of the greatest writings, but that does not imply that it was flawless; as a result it merits serious critics.

There was considerable influence from the essay in the pre-revolutionary times, and Jefferson wide attention increased leading to his selection as the author of the Declaration of Independence. This is how he managed to be the one who drafted the original documents that he submitted to other committee members who later proposed minor changes. In spite of the changes made by other congress members Jefferson credited with its authorship. His primary intentions were to have it be less as the main statement than expressed his beliefs held in commonly by a large number of Americans: that all men are created equivalently and that they hold on individual unchallengeable rights. The Declaration is well thought-out as the primary literary effort of the American Revolution and the sole most crucial political document in American history. This paper will outline some of the major parts with an aim for coming up with critics.

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In this document it is stated that in the course of human events it reaches a point and becomes necessary to disband the political bands that connects them with each other and assume among the earth powers to which the nature laws and nature’s God entitle them an honest esteem to the opinions of mankind which requires them to declare the causes which force them to the separate.

In regard to the above information, the colonist took part in the same European-Caucasian stock as the people still in Britain, which is odd. In case, this document was written by an African trying to be freed from British rule it would have been sensible. The freedom of blacks in most colonies was not an issue because they were entirely regarded as servants or slaves.

In another part of the document states that holding the truths acts as self-evidence that there is creation equality among all men. The creator has also endowed men with definite unalienable rights, which includes Life, freedom and the chase for happiness. This idea can be criticized by the fact that there is no self-evidence of such ideas, for example, the slavery issue. The document task of the creator and if indeed it meant the biblical God, there is no validity that God was an absolute monarch by nature who ruled his people like emperors and kings did. In this kind of system, the rights of people remain in question. The document goes on and talks of securing peoples rights that the governments exist between men and derives their just powers with the approval of the governed. According to John Locke political philosophy, kings, and other rulers do not make attempts of getting approval from the people they govern. The phrase by Jefferson that men are created equally seems to be an inconsistent point with Jefferson beliefs concerning particular groups. He felt that all humans were morally equal; however, Native Americans, blacks as well as women were not physically, culturally and intellectually equal to the white men.

The modern scholars are faced with increased trouble following the fact that Jefferson owned slaves on one side and on the other he professed a deep detestation of the institution. Whenever, they only grab power and keep it by force until they are overthrown by another tyrant. In the modern times, the American Revolution was one of these serious attempts t5o break this kind of cycle in which it succeeded. For this reason, it would have been more appropriate for the governments to talk about governments being instituted among men who would derive their rules or power from the approval of the governed.

It is not all the information in the document that is not reliable focusing on the fact that whenever any form of leadership gains destructive ends the people has the right to abolish it and come up with another government. This move can be achieved once its foundation is laid on the main principles and power organizations in such a way that effects on their happiness and safety is put in the frontline. The author of the Declaration goes on and talks about governments that are long established change for transient causes. This in one way explains the absolute nature of most dictatorships and monarchies that have been in existence for many years in many parts or the globe. This implies there is no good in stating that evils should be well thought-out as sufferable so that people can continually seek and set up the best potential governments. People have a role to play when it comes to throwing away a government that reduces its population into absolute despotism. They should try and come up with new guards for the future security. There has been a recent revolt that has left known dictators from Egypt and Tunisia overthrown, ironically, and these governments had support from powerful countries for one hidden reasons of which can be regarded as hypocrisy. The implication here is that mangy government offices established in powerful countries like US are not better that what the monarchies from Britain did.

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Standing armies in times of peace are referred to by the author by whom these actions are undertaken without the consent of the legislatures. As a result, the military independence is affected in regard to the superior civil power. The US today has the largest military budget with an aim of offering military support to the weak countries. However, soldiers commit massacre and yet they are defended by the government. The main goal of establishing the colonies was to increase the wealth of the United Kingdom. Daunting taxes was part of this. This forms a personification of the declaration of independence. It was not up to the right of all people, but a few individuals benefited from it. People were being transported far beyond seas to get the trial for offenses they did not commit.

Canada remained in the British Empire because most Loyalists from the colonies fled to it as the American Revolution was taking place. Additionally, part of Canada was Quebec, which is a French territory that had been conquered by Britain during the French and Indian War decades earlier. The British managed to retain Quebec; however, in case the war was not fought the other American colonies belonging to Britain would have been lost. This can be connected to the abolishment of the English system laws and establishment of a subjective government, and enlarging its boundaries in order to provide it with a fit instrument for introducing a similar supreme rule into the Colonies as well.

The author of the Declaration talks about citizens being constrained and taken Captive on the high Seas to put up with Arms against their Country, to turn into being their friends executioners and Brethren, or even to fall themselves by their Hands. This is a form of impressments and had similarities to the conscriptions that were undertaken with an aim of adding the number of army members in many countries. After the Vietnam and revolution, the US stopped this practice following the abolishment of the land based American Armed forces. The implication behind the impressments drafts is the forms of slavery.

Excitement of domestic insurrections between people is touched on by the author where the process of bringing inhabitants from frontiers has been and has endeavored. There is also the talk of the merciless Indian Savages with their well-known welfare that comprises of is an unremarkable destruction of all conditions ages and sexes. This is a blatant racism statement. There are a variety of behaviors from the Native Americans like any other group of people in the world, and they fought with an essential aim of retaining their land. These were forms of inhuman behaviors were people were massacred for their fight against their rights by the white people. Some ironical examples can be drawn from the killings that were done on to the Native Americans, imprisonment and concentration of survivors into concentrated camps referred to as reservations. The declaration of independence can be regarded by many people especially the Natives as just a scorn. As a result, the declaration of independence author cannot be linked direct to generals as many conservative American politicians claim, but its authoring can linked to lawyers. The declaration is a clear outline of the fact that governments have been deaf towards the consanguinity and justice voice. For this reason, people have the responsibility of acquiesce in the necessity that denounced the separation of the colonies.

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Jefferson has long been adored as a statesman, a legend of the American battle for autonomy, and a renaissance man whose fluctuated investments included rationality, structural engineering, political and social hypothesis, as well as, political and social theory. Jefferson views are still under study by many scholars with an aim of getting a clear picture of the controversy between the church and state. However, the reputations from Jefferson have been faced with setbacks based on the discrepancies between his idealistic oratory and his fewer exalted procedures that hardly went overlooked and which dominates the critical discussion of Jefferson today. Jefferson’s did not manage to address the issues of slavery in general, and his human chattel situation, in particular, is in itself the most derogatory likely commentary on his iconic reputation as a freedom apostle. Finally, the relationship between Jefferson and his slaves controversy that rumored during his time resurfaced in the 1970s and led to major publications.

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