Modernization and the Women in the Middle East

This research papers discusses the condition of women in the Arab world and the role of the past decade’s modernization in various Arab counties in the development of women rights and standards of living. The following questions are raised: what is the treatment of the women’s rights and freedoms and if this kind of treatment is the result of modernization or the unique cultural, political and economic conditions in the Arab countries; how the women’s lives differ from country to country and are … Details >>

Korean Influence on Early Japan

There are many facts that can be used to demonstrate and explain that Korea had greatly impacted the rise and development of early Japan. The Korean Peninsula acted as a gate through which most social complexity and cultures entered Japan. A centralized Yamato state was formed there in the 500s. “When the Japanese Yamato state was just beginning to consolidate its new territory in the Kinki region of Japan, the three kingdoms of Korea were already full developed , and centralized power”. It is clear … Details >>

Barriers to the Diffusion of Religion

Religion is an imperative component of the world cultures. Normally, it is a set of beliefs that characterize people of a certain community and their relationship with their Supreme Power. Since time immemorial, people of diverse backgrounds have been influencing other communities in the manner in which they relate with their Creator. There has been a big antagonism between conventional religious beliefs and the local traditionalists who perpetuate their own primitive religious beliefs. The ease at … Details >>

The Role of Women

In their works, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ernest Hemingway offer a wide range of vivid images of women. The literary movements that the two authors represent define the depiction of female characters and their positions in relation to men. Thus, comparison and contrast of the narration, symbolism, and conflict in Hemingway’s short story “Hills like White Elephants” and Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” reflect the role of women and reveal differences and similarities between Modernism … Details >>

Concert Review

Jazz is a genre of music that was invented in Africa American. It is one of the oldest music genres that have existed over a century ago. It uses all types of instruments ranging from drums, brass, guitar, trumpets and the piano. People who play Jazz music are skilled and those who start it undergo intense training. There have been many Jazz concerts in various parts of the world because this is a genre that has been embraced and celebrated by many. This essay discusses … Details >>

How and why did early states form in Egypt and Mesopotamia?

Egypt and Mesopotamia are among the ancient town centers in the history of the world. Most of the ancient States developed around these regions due to the strategic locations, availability of fertile land and soils, availability of strong leadership, social relations, and industrial revolution among other factors. As such Egypt and Mesopotamia emerged to be very strong and with dense human settlement due to the availability of resources. This brief paper looks into some of the … Details >>