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Ancient People


From the very beginning of the world, the people of this planet trying to make their life more secure and livable. From this inspiration they often invented several methods which are yet, for the modern people, remain as mystery. The present age, in science and technology, is regarded as the most advanced age from all the ages. However, the ancient culture and their artistic history prove that they also had an acquaintance with the science and architecture. The extraordinary imaginative quality of the ancient people still surprises us. Indeed, such deeds become the subject-matter of research for the anthropologists and historians. The researchers found that there are various traditions, areas, and overarching stylistic movement in the ancient art history. There are several architectures that world had been acquainted with. Such architectures are ancient Egyptian architecture, Greek architecture, Roman architecture, Islamic architecture, Indian architecture, Persian architecture, Chinese architecture etc. All these cultures help us understand the cultures of the people of that period.

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Ancient Culture of Egypt 

The step Pyramid remains in Egypt as an archeological replica. It was constructed as burial place of Djoser (2630-2611BCE) during the 27th century BC. Djoser was the first or second ruler of the 3rd dynasty of the Egyptian old kingdom. In fact, it is a tomb of Djoser built by his vizier Imhotep. Imhotep was the artist of this tomb. The pyramid is situated at Saqqara in Egypt near the city of Memphis. Imhotep is one of the renowned figures of Egyptian history. The legendary talent, Imhotep served as a chancellor and noble cleric of Sun-God. Manetho, one of the historians, said that Imhotep designed the stepped pyramid. Such proclamation makes us believe that the architects were also present in those old days and they put the example of their great deeds in front of us. The pyramid is one of the most antique constructions in Egypt and a flamboyant royal tomb. The history of Egypt and the pyramid prove that the Pharaohs (Kings) of Egypt got buried inside the pyramid. Indeed, such type of funeral was their tradition. Such architectures help us comprehend their cultures. The stepped pyramid is about 200 feet high. It was not a place of religious activity but a tomb. The people of that period used to believe that the dead should be buried with such a process so that his Godlike power may reflect through the architecture. They build several rooms beneath the pyramid. The significance of such construction is yet to be discovered. One of the reasons of the structures may be to represent the glory and power of the late kings. Another reason is the late kings wanted to remain years after years in the history of the earth. Nevertheless, these all are the cultures of the old Egypt that come into light reading the Egyptian history.

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Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf is a piece of architect of Stone Age that is a composite feline-human from Germany. Most of the prehistoric sculptures portray the image of animals or human through their arts. In the earliest cart and culture, the people entirely believed women to be in opposition to the men. Thus, intensive target of most of the painters and sculptors was to represent women nude in their images and sculptures. One thing should be kept in mind that the people of ice age used to cover some parts of their bodies. Therefore, such piece of architect describes the mentality, whether it was narrow or wide, of the people of that certain period. While the Paleolithik statuettes were discovered, the archaeologists named the woman Venuses, the Greco-Roman deity of beauty and love. The dub is deceptive and unsuitable. Such belief is doubtful that the people of Old Ages have any faith to deities or Gods. Venus of Willendorf is one of the oldest prehistoric woman sculpture was found in little limestone figurine. The statue was found in Austria. The ball like form made it almost unusual. The study of such things makes us understand the mindset of the people of that particular time. These architectures reflect many ideas. It seems to be that they used to worship women. In many cases such trends has been proved to be like that. However, a very small portion of its beginning, approach of establishment, andcultural implication was identified. Venus figurines or images of female figures exist from the Paleolithic period. The reason of the statue is the topic of much thought. The statue never had feet that symbolizes it never had its own position. The body symbolizes that it was related to fertility and childbirth. That means, most of the researchers belief, Venus of Willendorf may have been represented as fertility goddess. The face of the statue is invisible since the face is covered. The name, Venus, is presently is a bit controversial in comparison to the classical image. According to Christopher Witcombe, the ironic identification of these figurines as ‘Venus’ pleasantly satisfied certain assumptions at the time about the primitive, about women, and about taste.

Tomb of the Reliefs

The tomb of Reliefs is one of the most famous appeals of Cerveteri.It has been proclaimed byUNESCO a World Heritage Site including the necropolis in Tarquinia. Tarquinia is a large underground burial chamber. The chambers were marked for men and women separately by the researchers. The entire area is of 400 hectares. The visitors can visit 10 hectors that encircling a total 1,000 tombs. It is the biggest antique necropolis in the Mediterranean region. Great deals of finds digged at Cerveteri are in the National Etruscan Museum that is situated at Rome including several other museums in the Vatican and the other museum all over the globe. Some others are mainly potteries that have been placed in the Archaeological Museum at Cerveteri.

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All these express the social, political, administrative, and religious beliefs of the people of that period. Their very art expresses such beliefs indeed. Their female sculpture represents how they placed women in their society. What were their religious beliefs come into view through the architectural replica. Indeed, the people of that period wanted to show their vigorous attitude after their death. They never wanted to pay the required homage to their female counterparts. They wanted to demonstrate the mood of imperialism through their architecture. There are lot of things can be taught from all the architectural expressions of the ancient age. We can learn that the people of that period was very egocentric and imperialistic minded. The scenario of such architectures proves to be so. The most interesting thing is that one culture is different to another. Here lies the uniqueness of every culture. Difference can be seen in every aspect of their life. The political situation, the functioning of administration, religious belief, and architectural shape of the buildings were different with each other. The study of such history and culture gives us the proper idea of the people of that period. There are lots of thing that can be used for the modern day people. We know that the people of that time were ignorant and had no knowledge of science and technology. However, they had been able to make such constructions. Thus, it is a matter of great mystery how such things had become into reality.

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