Freedom Songs

Film Essay: Amandla! A revolution in four part harmony Amandla! Details >>

Ancient People

The Ancient Art and Culture: A Way of Knowledge for the Modern People From the very beginning of the world, the people of this planet trying to make their life more secure and livable. Details >>

Black People

The 1960s is the period of the American history, which is known as the time of civil right movements. Details >>

American Life

Sooner or later, every person thinks about his purpose and place in the world. Details >>

Chinese Painting

The art in history depicts a lot about the Chinese ancient involvement with painting. The today’s modernity in painting coins their reference to the ancient Chinese painting. Shitao explores the various versions of the Chinese ancient artistic painting. He was an early Qing painter with his actual names being Daoji, Yuanji and Kugua Heshang. He happened to be a successful painter by twentieth century and the most popular Chinese artist. His book: Painting and Modernity in Early Qing China, published … Details >>

Nigerian Traditional Cultural Practices and Health Implications

The aim of this paper will be in the discussion of the varieties of Nigerian traditional cultural practices related healthcare. For example, it will cover the role of cultural practices and the effects they have on the health of human beings. On the same note, the paper will also cover the Nigerian cultural views on health, illness and healers plus also their attitudes towards the traditional form of medical practices. The instance is due to the fact it becomes essential to conduct an investigation into … Details >>