Celebrity Culture

The celebrity culture has risen significantly in the current time. The rise has seen some authors such as Rojek to conclude that it has replaced religion. Marshall perceives celebrity as the elevation of certain personalities to public approval based on media propagation of their engagements. The trend has taken root in the society given that television, film and popular music industries continue to play a significant role in the glorification of celebrities. As Marshall indicated, the culture of celebrity ... Details >>

Art History

There is no denying the fact that the art is the unique phenomenon, displaying the magnificent and contradicting history of human society. Being closely connected with the communities, their values, goals, and transformations, the art is the powerful generator, inspiring the contemporary human beings and their descendants. The problem of public art is the subject to numerous discussions. In 2014, Jack Becker, the founder and director of non-profit Forecast Public Art, expressed several interesting ... Details >>

Spain Culture Paper

Spain as a country has a diversity of cultures and pillars that are the fundamentals and basics of success to the running of the country. Most people recognize this culture due to its Flamenco music, bullfights, music and dance, lots of sunshine and fantastic beaches. However, it has much to offer that the mentioned aspects. This paper covers the education sector, literacy levels, secondary education, school enrollment rates, ICT use and the freedom of expression in ... Details >>

How and why did early states form in Egypt and Mesopotamia?

Egypt and Mesopotamia are among the ancient town centers in the history of the world. Most of the ancient States developed around these regions due to the strategic locations, availability of fertile land and soils, availability of strong leadership, social relations, and industrial revolution among other factors. As such Egypt and Mesopotamia emerged to be very strong and with dense human settlement due to the availability of resources. This brief paper looks into some of the ... Details >>

Concert Review

Jazz is a genre of music that was invented in Africa American. It is one of the oldest music genres that have existed over a century ago. It uses all types of instruments ranging from drums, brass, guitar, trumpets and the piano. People who play Jazz music are skilled and those who start it undergo intense training. There have been many Jazz concerts in various parts of the world because this is a genre that has been embraced and celebrated by many. This essay discusses ... Details >>

The Role of Women

In their works, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ernest Hemingway offer a wide range of vivid images of women. The literary movements that the two authors represent define the depiction of female characters and their positions in relation to men. Thus, comparison and contrast of the narration, symbolism, and conflict in Hemingway’s short story “Hills like White Elephants” and Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” reflect the role of women and reveal differences and similarities between Modernism ... Details >>