November 13, 2019 in Business

The Need for Open Door Policy

The world of business is a continuously emerging sphere of life, which creates new methods and techniques of management. In terms of business development, it is necessary to work hard to create extra competitive benefits, which will attract attention of the potential employees. Open door policy is a phenomenon, which helps the company to keep its performance transparent and open to every employee. In simple words, the head of the company leaves the door open by pointing at the opportunity of every employee to feel free to ask anything related to work regardless of the part of the day. It is a wise communication policy, which helps employees to feel confidence and support from the top management of the company. The following discussion is a research of the facts, which prove that there is a strong need to implement open door policy in the company’s performance in order to improve its productivity. 

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Open Door Policy in Contemporary Business

It is necessary to start from mentioning that among the diversity of reasons for implementing the open door policy, it is possible to distinguish four most important reasons reflecting needs of the company and benefits of the policy. First, the company will be capable of providing its employees with accessibility. Employees will feel free to contact the manager and discuss any difficult problem as soon as it occurs. It makes the decision making process of every employee wise and balanced, which will not create any surprises for the management of the company. In addition, employees feel free to ask for advice and coordinate decisions with the head of the company, which will prove that the company is a team of hardworking employees performing as a single business entity. Regardless of the hierarchical organization of the employee’s duties and responsibilities, it becomes possible to reach the head of the company and ask for help. In addition, such open communication helps to keep in touch with the processes in every department. Secondly, the company obtains an open flow of communication, which means that employees gain access to informal discussion. It creates an improved understanding of business and its structure, which leads to the mutual support and readiness to help. The closed door is an unintentional symbol of disengagement and lack of the manager’s interest in daily activities of the departments. It also means that the manager does not care about participating in routine activity of the department by keeping away from the subordinates. Thirdly, open door policy encourages employees to share their creativity and present ideas to management as soon as they appear in their minds. It helps to have a quick access to information, which boost the development of the company in the light of continuous exchange of ideas. The closed door, in its turn, prevents any employee from sharing information as long as they think that the manager has no time to listen to them. An open door helps to remove the communication barrier and create a comfortable working environment with minimal risks of being misunderstood. Finally, an open door contributes to the improvement of working relations. Openness leads to friendly relations among the employees, which increase personal initiative of every employee. The closed door can lead to the feeling of secretes hidden from employees. An open helps to avoid extra formality, which does not allow employees to feel comfortable. Moreover, the closed door can become a trigger of stress, tension, and misunderstanding throughout the business processes. 

The closed door has a negative effect on the development of work relations. Subordinates will have a continuous feeling that the manager hides important information and has a secretive performance. In addition, it creates a visual perception of disengagement of the manager. Employees might think that they are alone in their problems and have no right to ask for help. Moreover, employees might start thinking that the manager is not trustworthy as long as he has no interest in the performance of the departments. It is a difficult task to accomplish, but managers need to learn how to keep the door open. Even confidential conversations should take place in a conference hall. In this way, employees will feel equality, mutual support, and care of the company. It will also indicate that there are no secrets, which a manger can hide. Otherwise, employees may develop anxiety when the manager invites an employee and shuts the door. It is inappropriate for the development of trusting relations. Trust, in its turn, has a significant meaning for the evolution of business. There is a need to contribute to open relations full of trust, which will motivate employees to work for the benefits of the company. Moreover, it is most likely that reliability, openness, and responsibility will help the company to increase the efficiency of its employee retention strategy. In general, the named above reasons should be persuading enough to encourage the company to keep the door of CEO open. 


The paper successfully discussed the meaning of the open door policy in terms of the contemporary business. It revealed the most obvious reasons, which each company should consider in order to promote business evolution. Progressive business relations focus not only on responsibility and reliability, but also on openness and readiness to help employees whenever it is needed. The paper included reasons, which prove that there is a need to include the open door policy in order to create an appropriate working environment for every employee. It should become an open door to new horizons of business based on the harmony in a team of employees feeling confidence and comfort by working in the company full of transparency. 

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