Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Business code of conduct and ethics are becoming key aspect of the day-to-day’s life of organization. That is particularly so in ensuring that every segment of the corporation adheres to the set guidelines by governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as the companies themselves. Some of the standards’ organizations include Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), International Labor Organizations Standards (ILO), Social Accountability International (SAI), as … Details >>

Project Management

This project is aimed at increasing the size of the firm by 60% within a period of eighteen months. Firm expansion is an integral part of the lifespan of a company. Expansion of a data management firm calls for a multipronged consideration of aspects that must expand. Among them are infrastructure, personnel, partners and collaborators, who include both domestic and offshore companies. Currently, the firm occupies just one floor, but will occupy three by the end of the project period. In order to … Details >>


Creating an online retail store for books is a venture that is profitable for a budding entrepreneur whose main quest is to attract the online customers. With the advent of the computer technology, many people are finding it easy to shop online for the products that they look forward to stock in their libraries and their homes. Furthermore, the quest to have the e-books is not only friendly to the environment, but creates the ease of the target class of clients having the ease of reading of the … Details >>

IT Management

Information technology manager is tasked with the design, implementation, and maintenance of a company’s information technology infrastructure. Daily innovations are made improving the currently available hardware and software components. Information systems and software is the most dynamic aspect of IT management. Apart, from innovations security threats have also increased significantly over the last decade. New technologies pose new opportunities and increased … Details >>

Financial Investments

To successfully make wealth, there is a need for making some investments. However, this is always a risky affair, because an individual can lose their money. This is the reason some investment firms are always reluctant to engage in risky investments such as trading in forex, or other short term means of getting money. As a graduate of finance, the best method that I would advise, which people should use to invest, and there is a high chance of getting their money back, is through … Details >>

Growth and Expansion Strategy

Marine Harvest is a Norwegian firm operating in the aquaculture industry. Marine Harvest is currently one of the market leaders in the production and sale of salmons. With time, Marine Harvest has expanded and internationalized its operations. With the aquaculture industry fast growing, it is pertinent that Marine Harvest makes plans to expand further and grow to strengthen its position as a market leader. This paper analyzes the aquaculture industry, identifies the … Details >>