Google Management

Google Company engages work and employee diversity as an approach to business. It is no doubt that google is one of the best companies to work for. This is purely attributed to their excellent management practice. Right from its structure, leadership style to human resources, the company boosts its global popularity. Drawing from their academic ancestries, the founders have endeavored to create corporate culture that promotes the welfare of the organization and the employees … Details >>

Diversity: Eli-Lilly Company

There is no doubt that diversity matters in the corporate world. Studies indicate that diversity makes business sense as companies that give preference to racial, ethnic, and gender diversity are more likely to record higher financial returns than others. Generally, companies that are dedicated to diversity are more successful as they attract top talent that is crucial in the enhancement of employee satisfaction, customer orientation, and business decision making. Therefore, companies that can … Details >>

Summative Assessment

Employees have the right to organize a union for purposes of negotiating with their employers on matters relating to employment conditions and terms. This right extends to include disseminating union literature, soliciting colleagues to sign the cards for authorizing unions, and holding discussions with coworkers on issues involving the union. Amidst the persistent systematic labor violations in a non-union manufacturing organization, this proposal explains the union organizing process, the choice of … Details >>

Case Analysis

Entrepreneurship influences positive economic growth by being a source of innovation, which increases competition in the market. Entrepreneurs challenge the status quo in the market and force the incumbent competitors to invest in the development of new products and process. The improvements lead to high-quality products that earn more money and thus contribute to the economic development of a country. The positive association between economic growth and entrepreneurship is … Details >>

Contracting Process Paper

Project procurement focuses on creating, sustaining and terminating relationships with suppliers. It is an important aspect of project management. It seeks to ensure that the supplier delivers the procured items in accordance with the specified requirements. The current paper discusses the process used to conduct and close procurements. The procurement process comprises five key steps … Details >>

Taobao’s Impact on the Chinese Economy

The importance of Taobao to the Chinese economy is difficult to understand if one is not familiar with the game-changing impact of eBay, and with the different cultural undercurrents that exist when Americans and Europeans purchase items online in comparison to the way Asians conduct business with each other. In a nutshell, Taobao radically altered the Chinese economy by introducing a platform that is as effective as eBay when it comes to reducing the costs of running business and … Details >>