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Google Management

Google Company engages work and employee diversity as an approach to business. It is no doubt that google is one of the best companies to work for. This is purely attributed to their excellent management practice. Right from its structure, leadership style to human resources, the company boosts its global popularity. Drawing from their academic ancestries, the founders have endeavored to create corporate culture that promotes the welfare of the organization and the employees as well. The company has managed to attract expatriates because of its non discriminatory approach to the staff. The company has also expanded its products from the initial search engine provision to emails, software and cloud computing. Creativity is highly encouraged at Google.  

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Company Overview

Google was started in the year 1995 by Larry page and Sergen Brin who met while pursuing their doctorate degree at Stanford University. The company, though founded as a search engine firm, presently has a diversified product base including advertisement, software, cloud computing and emails. Google is headquartered at Googleplex in California. The company has expanded form the Initial public offer of 2004. Presently, Google has an employee base of close to 60,000 staff. The annual revenue for the year ended 2014 was $ 66 billion. Google has acquired many start u companies including Google earth and organized partnerships with search engines like AOL. The present CEO is called Larry Page. He is one of the two founders of the company in 1995. 

Google has expanded its products base to include Gmail, Adsense, Okut and Google news. The staffs are encouraged to be as creative as possible. The company realizes that they are able to survive because of creativity. Google has expanded its administration points to Europe, Asia and Africa. The company servers are also located in Africa, Europe and china. Such expansion provides employment opportunities to people in the regions that hose its installations. The management at Google aims at expanding their advertisement business to emerging markets. The company is involved in reaching out to the world through donations to schools and environment conservation bodies. 

Organization Culture

Google believes in a diversified work force which has equal regard to everyone. The workers are Google are encouraged to express their true self without limiting their abilities. The founders made the company from scratch on pure mental imagination. Google also provides equal employment opportunities to everyone. No one is discriminated against at Google. Research conducted in 2010 established that Google had a multiracial man power. Such non discriminatory approach gives Google an opportunity to employ experts from all walks of live. People are never discriminated on the basis of color, race, gender or disability at Google. 

Google also has a product diversity approach to business. Its primary business is advertisement. The company attracts browsers who come to seek for information. Companies then post their advertisements into Google’s search engines to be viewed cross the globe. Cloud computing is another product offered by Google. Companies are able to send and receive information and carry out teleconferences through Google’s cloud computing services. Google chrome and android are other products build by this company to improve the technological platforms.

The Google staffs are also given a chance to be stakeholders through shareholding. Employees who also double up as shareholders have more determination at work because they co own the premise. The employees at Google are also allowed to have flexible maternity and education leaves. The management normally understands when it comes to staff issues. The company also has an annual reward scheme boosts the employees morale. The staff receive financial bonus which correlates with the firm’s profits. The organization culture has efficient communication capabilities between workers of all ranks and grades. 

Leadership Style

Google Inc employs distributive style of leadership. In this leadership style, the employees are empowered and encouraged to use their innovative ideas for the benefit of the company. Drawing their academic ancestry that inculcated independent thinking, the CEO, Larry believes in hiring Class-A employees and giving them freedom of exercising their creativity within the organization. He says that employing class-B employees would lower the organization into mediocrity. 

The CEO of Google endeavors to have a close relationship with the employees and establish their skills that would build the company. The employees are given the freedom to come up with innovative ideas and implement. Knowing that the hierarchical strategies often hamper employees’ work, he allows opportunities for the employees to initiate projects and even choose the people they would want to work with. In other words, he believes in democratic leadership where employees are granted diverse channels of expression. Furthermore, he also takes time with the workers to broadly explain to them the company’s goals and leaves the rest of the implementation issues with them. With this strategy, he able to make the employees own the problem they are intended to solve. Another aspect of distributive leadership is reward of highly performing employees. 

Human Resources

Google boost of Class-A employees which comprises of the world’s most innovative people. Apart from the quality of the employees, Google also grants the employee immense freedom that allows for formulation of innovative ideas that has kept the company on top. 

Given that it receives over two million applicants every year, the company is very choosing in selecting who becomes a Googler. Hiring smarter is the philosophy of the HR boss Bock. He affirms that smart people are curious thinkers and subsequently innovators thus giving Google a competitive advantage. They also require less training. Once employed, the employees have the freedom to exercise their creativity and set up projects for the company with less hierarchy overview. 

Google is keen on the wellbeing of its employees. The HR department is termed as ‘peoples operations’. They have an elaborate maternity plan for women employees. The 12 weeks are paid off time for all new mothers. This was further revised in 2007, and now mothers enjoy a five months leave with full pay and full benefits. They were also given the freedom of splitting the period as befits them. In addition, new parents enjoy seven weeks leave at their discretion. The company also offers various free services to its employees. This includes on-site laundry, free gourmet food, and WiFi commuting shuttles among others. 


Because it competes for employee with other companies such as Apple Inc, this freedom helps them have low turnover which is essential for sustainability of a company. Page believes in allowing independence of thought among employees as well as implementation of the same. As a result, Google boost of new ways of operation which grants them a competitive advantage in the global arena. Google also has a product diversity approach to business which enhances their market niche and increases their return on investment. Google also has a sophisticated employee data-tracking program. This program helps to gain certainty on every aspect of the workers’ lives and not just on the issue of pay and benefits. Therefore, they are able to retain employees for a considerably long period boosting the economic performance of the company. Bock asserts that employees are given a percentage of time to what they want. 


Good management practice is vital for success of any company, particularly for companies that operate in a global context like Google. It is very important to balance the management practices with the global needs if company wants to obtain relevance. Creativity has been at Google has enabled it come up with new products like android and Gmail communication platforms. Many people love to work at Google because of excellent rewards give to employees whenever the company announces its end of year profits. Additionally, the freedom accorded to employees helps to explore their talents which would have otherwise not been realized. The company also employs people without discrimination on color, race, gender or religion.

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