Project Management

This project is aimed at increasing the size of the firm by 60% within a period of eighteen months. Firm expansion is an integral part of the lifespan of a company. Expansion of a data management firm calls for a multipronged consideration of aspects that must expand. Among them are infrastructure, personnel, partners and collaborators, who include both domestic and offshore companies. Currently, the firm occupies just one floor, but will occupy three by the end of the project period. In order to … Details >>

The Sime Darby Financial Fiasco

Sime Darby is a Malaysian multinational corporation that operates different diversified businesses. The majority shareholder is the Permodalan Nasional Berhad, with an ownership of about 51% of the company. Other organizations and groups own the rest of the shares. Its recent financial fiasco has led to speculations on who made the ultimate blunder and how effective its corporate governance structure is. This research paper will explore the reasons the company failed, provide suggestions and answer the … Details >>

The Need for Open Door Policy

The world of business is a continuously emerging sphere of life, which creates new methods and techniques of management. In terms of business development, it is necessary to work hard to create extra competitive benefits, which will attract attention of the potential employees. Open door policy is a phenomenon, which helps the company to keep its performance transparent and open to every employee. In simple words, the head of the company leaves the door open by pointing at the opportunity of every … Details >>

Miscommunications with a Brazilian Auto Part Manufacturer

This case study involves an American investor called Henry Williams, and he is the president of Lucky Auto Parts Company. The vice president of the company is Wally Astor, who is Henry’s son-in-law. Henry and Aster have planned a business trip to Brazil and meet with Alessandro Silva, who is the owner of a company that manufactures auto parts in Brazil. The meeting did not go as expected because Henry failed to attend, but he sent Astor in Brazil. The most important point in the case study is miscommunication which was … Details >>

Cloud Computing Security Policy

Cloud Computing encompass a platform of ICT services in which sourcing of data follows a delivery model to enhance a shared pool with the configured computer systems. All aspects involving ICT, therefore, sourced, served, stored and scrutinized before release. The majority of the users of the system normally are the governments and the government agencies. State security forms a very crucial role in instilling peace. The US Federal government enhanced this aspect of computer security system. The system applies … Details >>

Individual Report

Contemporary tendencies for running a business lead companies to extend their influence across different countries. Moreover, the cases when businesses merge or form multinational corporations lead to incorporation of the representatives of various cultures. Therefore, cultural differences might be transferred into the differences of managing a company or its departments, which can cause confusion or misunderstanding between the colleagues or partners. Consequently, there is a need for a … Details >>