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Vote for Jane Bitzi Johnson Miller

We are proud-hearted to introduce everybody the future governor of the Texas State, Ms. Jane Bitzi Johnson Miller. The next ruler is a faithful Conservative Republican whose customs and culture are deep-rooted here in the Lone Star State. She is a native West Texan. Ms. Miller spent all her childhood there. The next governor originates from the ancient lineage of honored Texans including her grandfather, the former Governor Joe Big Daddy Johnson. Granddaughter of such a dignified Texan graduated from Harvard and earned a Masters degree in Business Administration. In this challenging and troublous time of economic stagnation, she has is a reformer and business forerunner ready to protect the State.

Ms. Jane Bitzi Johnson Miller is acquainted with all the types of policies the Texans require for protecting the State from this stagnation and develop it economically.. Along with being a proficient and successful businesswoman, she is proud of being a lonely mother of two children and has always highlighted the importance and authority of the family. In educating and raising her offspring, she has given a higher priority to teaching them on how to become the honored Texas citizens and role models in their future families. Everyone knows that messing with Texas is a bad idea. Therefore, no one will want to mess with Ms. Johnson, for she is a true Texan ready to defend the interests of the Texas people and commerce, pushing forward the economic development still adhering to the old-fashioned principles of our great State. Today, everybody understands that the U.S. is facing various complications and troubles: of quality healthcare, suitable transport infrastructure, high education payments, job loss, burning minority issues, including their schooling and uncontrolled migration. Ms. Jane Bitzi Johnson Miller is no coward and has a clear vision for dealing with all the issues in a timely and effective manner.

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Cultural and Regional Support

Texas is a geographically huge and varied State, it consists of numerous separate areas characterized with diversified levels of prosperity, economic activities, density of population, ethnic, racial, and political issues. Therefore, as the candidate is a white conservative Republican, the cultural and regional support should come primarily from the white Republican people. The geographical areas where Bitzi will do well and earn great backing are the Texas Panhandle and South regions. As it is already known from the history, the Republican Party and Republican politics are not popular in the areas near the Texas-Mexica Border. Moreover, there is a weak support of the Republicans in Beaumont, Arthur, and Orange. According to Newell, Prindle, and Riddlesperger, there are three main political traditions of the Texas political affairs: didactic, traditionalistic, and individualistic one. Representatives of didactic culture are curious and sensitive to each other. Most dominantly, this mindset is present in the Northern districts of the United States of America. The individualistic approach, on the other hand, best goes in line with the political principles of the Republican Party in Texas. The traditions and culture seem to favor a flea market of self-centeredness. It rather stipulates allowance for all directions, rules, and contributions that originated from these beliefs; however, only as the way to confirm self-improvement. The practice of the government to look out for others is a glower. The third approach is individualistic, which is favored mostly by everyone and supported by Ms. Jane Bitzi Johnson Miller. She engages in conservative and custodial roles more willingly than being a groundbreaker. The governments role is restricted mainly to ensuring the market working. Therefore, the next Governor will do better in the South and Midwest regions than in the Western or Eastern areas where there was a Spanish settlement only 300 years ago.

Republicans have a tendency to live far from the urban areas. Only 39 percents of the Republican Party supporters live in the cities with the population of over 500,000 people while 52 percent live in suburban and 59 percent in the countryside areas. Most of them use Spanish as their second language in their everyday communication and in managing some household problems.

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Demographic Support

Ms. Jane Bitzi Johnson Miller represents the Republican Party. Approximately 60 percent of married men and 55 percent of married women vote for Republicans. This phenomenon is caused by the fact that the Party concentrates on the traditional family beliefs and values. She is likely to get votes of people who already have families or spouses. Furthermore, in the future, she can earn the votes of children raised in these well-to-do families after they reach their full legal age. On the contrary, only few percent of homosexuals are likely to vote for her. Economically, people who support the Republican Party have better incomes than those who support other parties. The Republican candidates earn a higher percentage of votes from individuals with annual income of over $50,000. Moreover, 63 percent of those earning $200,000 or more per year support the Party. On the other hand, people who have income of less than $15,000 per year probably will support the Democratic representative and only few percent of this group will support the Republicans. Republicans also report a higher level of satisfaction with their personal economic situation than the other parties supporters do. Moreover, before the U.S. economys downward spiral, an unheard-of 81 percents of Republicans asserted being satisfied with their private financial conditions. Ms. Johnson will also earn more conservative votes and votes of the people with undergraduate degrees. The Republicans are mostly white; moreover, they are positioning themselves as non-Hispanic white. Therefore, Jane Bitze Johnson Miller primarily can count on the white peoples support.

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Campaign Themes

Healthcare is the priority of most people around the U.S., especially, of the Hispanic voters in the State of Texas. Healthcare may be a crucial issue in winning the votes for Ms. Johnson Miller. The matter of Medicaid development or lack of it is a crucial point for the Latino voters. Therefore, the Texas Organizing Project can focus on this initiative so as to encourage people to come to the elections and give a vote for whoever is struggling for their worries. Healthcare is a concern of all Texans, not only Hispanics. On the other hand, employments and economy are other important issues to be effectively managed. Anybody who initiates and supports the changes in the health policies is probable to earn the Hispanic votes in the state. The Educational Payment Campaign is also very important among the Republican voters as most of them have Undergraduate Degrees. Ms. Johnson will offer a strategy that can bring the teacher payments in agreement with the average countrywide salary. The next Governor will also suggest involving the high school students in becoming teachers in the future. The third point is the Immigration Campaign. Ms. Johnson will allocate a budget for the immigration courts, arrest centers, border investigation, actions against the illegal networks of shipping the immigrants, and care of prisoners. Moreover, deportation of young criminals who were brought to the country as children or born here will be extremely useful. Many of them enter colleges or join the army. These children had to face different problems going through the desert where many of them die or disappeare. They lead absolutely unsafe way of life; therefore, Ms. Johnson wants to protect these children and return them back to their native families.

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Win or Lose

The activity of the Republicans in Texas is an amazing story of how one party has been constantly striving to improve its look. Texas used to have a minor Republican party in the Panhandle, German regions in the north of San Antonio, and increasing suburbs of Dallas and Houston. Today, however, the Republicans have had the leadership for 16 years. Even though, it has split into conservative/democratic and formation wings, the Republican Party enjoys a widespread support. Perry is nowadays the longest-serving governor in Texas. If he successes and wins an extraordinary third four-year term, he will have been the governor for 14 years. His pro-business and anti-charge policies have safeguarded the state from the nationwide economic dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, he is going to face a tense confrontation with the previous Houston Mayor, Bill White, a moderate Democrat and past capitalist who represents the ruler with a desire for extravagances.

Around 60 percent of married men and 55 percent of married women vote for the Republican Party. Such a phenomenon occurs because these people concentrate on traditional family beliefs and values. The same thing happened with the Governor Rick Perry approximately ten years ago; people with high income used to vote only for him. Moreover, their children who were well-bred and had had a good opportunities to earn the Undergraduate Degree reached their full legal age and provided support to the present Governor. Perry earned conservative votes and votes of the well-educated people. Additionally, Mr. Perry was supported mostly by the white population who inhabited mainly the rural and suburban areas. Consequently, today, there are more people who support the Republicans than those who are ready to vote for the Democrats or Independents.

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