An Application of Kant’s Duty Ethics to the Abortion Debate

Abortion is one of the challenging concepts that have led to endless debates in decision- making processes in philosophy. Abortion has posed a different level of influence to the unborn child, a mother, and the father responsible for the pregnancy. All the parties affected by a decision on whether to undertake an abortion should be considered. However, the effects vary in different perspectives. For example, abortion has been urged to be an option when a … Details >>

Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette syndrome is a disorder that has become common recently. Although it is not clear what causes it, various methods of treatment have been devised. The approach to tackling this mental illness depends on the symptoms that the patient exhibits and how they are diagnosed. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the symptoms and diagnosis, and finally determine the most effective methods of treatment of the disorder analyzing scholarly … Details >>

Authentic Leadership Style: Data Analysis

This paper presents the analysis of data collected based on a questionnaire. The data was collected to assess the individual understanding of authentic leadership. Data was collected using a questionnaire with sixteen questions that were pre-designed to ensure that information was collected with regard to four dimensions of authentic leadership. The four processes included the self-awareness perspective, the internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, and relational transparency. While … Details >>

Criminology: Case Study Project

Forensic characterization of crimes as a scientific category in its development has undergone periods of the almost universal acceptance and use. Nevertheless, there was also a proposition to exclude it from the number of concepts used in science. Nowadays, numerous scientists, including Wikström and Treiber as well as Albert, Chein, and Steinberg believe that the concept of criminological characteristics has a great practical significance and is crucial in theoretical terms. In particular, forensic characterization methods are … Details >>

Consumer Behaviour

Nowadays, the consumer/producer relationship is arranged in a way that the consumer is in the centre of manufacturer’s interest, his primary purpose and object of deliberate action. That is why, for the manufacturer, it is important to study consumer’s psychological, economic, sociological and cultural point of view. Recently formed discipline “consumer behaviour” includes these approaches and explores consumers from different perspectives. Specificity of the consumer market is … Details >>

Addiction Problems: Legal and Psychological Aspects

The phenomenon of addiction is an urgent issue of concern of the modern society and a complicated challenge for the doctors and psychologists. There are diverse types of addiction. One of the most threatening and wide-spread types is the drug addiction. The other types involve Internet addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking addiction, shopping addiction, sex addiction, etc. It is especially complicated since every type of addiction has a tendency to progress dramatically in … Details >>