The Aggressives Film Analysis

The Aggressives is not only an exciting and interesting documentary but the film that is devoted to gender questions, the subculture of lesbian butches and their ‘femme’ counterparts. It means that this film violates the problem of the interaction between genders and the place of sexual minorities in the community. Details >>

Presidential Versus Parliamentary Mode Of Governance

In the world of democracy, there are two forms of governance where the citizens have a profound influence in choosing the type of government. This is made possible during the frequent elections held where the citizens have an opportunity to elect their leaders. Details >>

Political Competence: Possible Outcomes and Benefits

The twenty-first century brought new perspectives and challenges into all spheres of human life, and political one is not an exception. Globalization and technological development increased the involvement of the masses in integrative socio-economic processes that are supported by the policy of international cooperation. Details >>

Photography as a Defense against Anxiety and a Tool for Power

Since time immemorial, reality has been related through images and philosophers such as Plato. These have made efforts to diminish people’s reliance on representations by showing direct ways through which to grasp reality. The modern culture, which is continually engaged in the production and consumption of images, has contributed to the stability of social structures. Details >>


Alan Turing proposed an imitation game that would be used as a test for artificial intelligence. The game saw a machine being declared artificially intelligent based on the timing and imitation capabilities. Details >>

Personality Trait Theory

Different leadership theories are used to explain exemplary performance in sporting activities. One theory that is predominantly used in sports is the personality trait theory. In earlier times, certain traits in individuals were associated with success resulting in numerous questions as to whether traits were inherited or acquired. Details >>