Computer Viruses

Nowadays one can hardly meet a person that has never heard of computer viruses. Moreover, these people split into two categories. Details >>

American Independence

The road to the American Revolution was difficult and full of hardships. Details >>

The Trucial States

The Trucial States was a name for the Arab tribal region that was located in the Persian Gulf. Details >>

Why Pickers Are Just as Important as White-Collar Workers

Pickers represent individuals who pick things from areas considered dirty. It is their livelihood, and they derive satisfaction in the job they do, as depicted in the film Waste Land by Lucy Walker. Waste pickers signify people who retrieve eco-friendly or recyclable resources discarded for trade or individual consumption. Details >>

Why few women become Scientists and Engineers

Over the years, there have been several affirmative actions to fight for the rights of women. In essence, women have faced a lot of sidelining in the society as compared to men. Women have never been viewed as achievers in the society in comparison to men. Details >>

Theories of Nationalism and Tribalism: An Intersection

In his arguments about nationalism and tribalism, James argues that the two are not distinct, but have synchronized realities especially in the present. James further argues that most scholars in this area always study nationalism and view it as major setting for the society’s intersection. Details >>