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Descriptive essay topics assigned for students can become a reason of great confusion. Many students fail to differentiate between descriptive and narrative types of writing. Due to the fact that these are two of the most often assigned writing activities, it is very important to understand properly the way each of them is written. For this reason, it is very crucial to learn the peculiarities of the two patterns referring to a specific essay type. Regardless of the fact that that the two writing types may seem similar, there are distinctive differences between them that have to be considered. 

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Writing a Descriptive Essay

Modern students expose themselves to rich writing experiences. They must be ready to write and submit dozens of descriptive essay works. It is not uncommon for teachers to provide their students with various descriptive essay topics. At times, students have some freedom to choose a topic they like.

The purpose of any descriptive essay is to describe something. The object of description can be anything from a person to some historical phenomenon or event.

Like any other academic paper, a descriptive essay must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Do not misunderstand the function of the descriptive work. Follow our recommendations and see how you can improve your academic results!

Whatever topic you decide to choose for your descriptive essay, you will have to be thorough following the instructions and requirements provided by your teacher. You will need to describe the object you have chosen, analyze and describe it, and present the results of your analysis to the reader. Use your creativity to present your description in a vivid and realistic way. You may wish to include some features of comparison or analysis to make your description richer. Consider your audience. If your readers do not know much about your subject, provide additional details. In descriptive essay writing, you have enough freedom to use imagery and other features of creative writing. Do not hesitate to express your opinions or feelings. Use a variety of writing techniques such as expressive language or self-expression to engage your reader. Your task is to persuade the audience that your paper is worth reading. You must also be confident that your descriptive essay creates a realistic picture of the item you are describing. Make your reader taste, feel, or touch the object of your choice. Read available descriptive essay examples to understand how descriptive essay writing works.

Of course, as you are writing your descriptive essay, do not forget that your key task is to conduct a thorough analysis of your chosen item and share its results with the reader. Use imagery and literary devices to engage your reader in a productive discussion of the topic. However, do not use the terms, words, or sentences that are too complicated for your readers. Your paper must be easy to read. If you take a look at some of the examples available online, you will see that a descriptive essay written on the same topic includes different elements. For instance, if you review a descriptive essay about a place, you will realize that different writers approach the same topic in a number of ways. You might think that it is extremely difficult to produce a good descriptive essay, because it does not follow the same structure. In reality, the secret behind descriptive essay writing is that it always includes some element of subjectivity. As you are describing your chosen item, you certainly describe it the way you see it. Other students or readers may disagree with you. They may also notice other components you have missed in your work. It is not a mistake. It is just your vision of the object or event. Do not hesitate to express your views openly. 

For your descriptive essay, choose a topic that will fascinate your reader. Think of your audience. Your readers may not like to read about historical events. Or they may feel boring, reading your description of the newest vehicles. Choose a topic. Develop an introduction. Switch to writing the body of your paper. Include a conclusion. Read your descriptive essay several times, before you are sure that it is perfect.

Unique Descriptive Essay Topics to Help You Create a Perfect Piece of Writing

Specific Features of Narrative Writing

By reading any narrative essay example taken from the Internet, it is easy to see that every narration is usually based on the personal experience of the writer. The topics of such essays may be different, starting with trips, description of life experiences, challenges and ending with summer holidays, personal impressions on something, etc. Narrative papers are usually written from the first person making the reader empathize and share the emotions of the writer. To make the paper attractive to the reader, the writer should create a story which will sound memorable for the audience.

Definition of Descriptive Writing

Descriptive papers also deal with personal experience of the writer. Still, the difference between two kinds of writing is that descriptive writing does not provide a story line.

The main aim of the writer in the given case is to create an atmosphere in which the readers would visualize and feel the things or events he/she experienced.

Numerous examples of descriptive essays can be found on the web, which will help you understand the basic concept and the structure of such papers.

To make your writing more effective, it is recommended to use different sensory details. Numerous descriptive essay examples show that lack of such details results in a dull and not interesting essay. If you have problems with descriptive essay writing, you can write about the place you like to visit, about your friends and your relationships with them, or anything else that seems familiar to you.

The Similarities of Two Writing Styles

By comparing personal narrative essay examples with examples of descriptive essays, one can notice that they are almost similar. The main structural parts of both papers are the same, namely introduction, main body, and conclusion. The length of both papers is also quite similar, with equal in size paragraphs. The main parts of papers play the same role. For example, introductory part gives a general notion on the idea of the paper and finishes with a strong thesis statement. At the same time, main body paragraphs start with topic sentences. Moreover, both papers discuss experience of writer in regard to what he/she saw, felt or heard.

Still, if the narrative essay examples, as well as the examples of descriptive papers do not make it easier for you to cope with your own assignment, do not hesitate to ask for help some of your teachers or instructors. In addition, instructions for your paper can serve as a good prompt in the process of writing. Do not be lazy to spend time studying the instructions in detail. It will give you a possibility to investigate the issue more thoroughly and reach the best final result. 

Great Descriptive Essay Sample (The Beatles) 

The Beatles was formed in 1960 by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The band is considered one of the most influential music bands of our time. Although the Beatles members began their career as rock musicians and their first compositions were the mix of rock-and-roll, beat, and jazz, they went on to experiment with several other music styles and created hard rock and psychedelic rock compositions, as well as introduced motives of Indian music, pop ballads, and classical music.

At the start of music career, The Beatles musicians employed what was considered a standard set of music instruments for a rock or a rock-and-roll band such as guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums instrumentation. However, in some of the band’s musical compositions, one can hear French horn, trumpet, saxophone, violin, cello, and even the accompaniment of a 41-piece orchestra. In some of The Beatles’ albums, especially in music compositions from Rubber Soul, a listener may recognize sounds of an acoustic 12-string guitar, synthesizer, sitar, harmonica, banjo, oboe, kazoo, accordion, vibraphone, as well as bongos, congas, tambourine, maracas, and African drum.

The band’s most famous compositions are Yesterday, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Let It Be, Something, Come Together, and A Day in the Life. Critics claim that music fans and musicians all around the world are still listening to the music of The Beatles and get inspired by it. The Beatles created a unique Beatles culture and introduced several innovations that continue to impact the music. For example, the band pushed established musical boundaries, introduced rock charity concerts, pioneered the industry of rock music videos, and devoted attention to album cover artwork. The Beatles’ music influenced songs and music of many famous singers and musicians such as AC/DC, Velvet Underground, U2, The Beegees, Dave Grohl from Nirvana, Joe Walsh from Eagles, Beach Boys, and others.

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