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In the system of higher education, quality is above everything. Thus, you must be ready to compete with other applicants, if you want to join an academic institution of your choice. Admission committees are particularly thorough choosing the most talented applicants. They will never make a final decision, unless to submit a well-developed common app essay according to their requirements. Be ready to spend a considerable amount of time writing your essay or composition. Be ready to develop outstanding common app essays, if you are applying to several institutions at once. Remember that it is really important to write a high-quality essay. It will greatly predetermine your chances for admission success.

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What things do you need to consider when writing your common app essay?

  • Before you decide to apply for college or university, choose the most suitable field of study. You will have to craft your application essay in ways that echo the fundamental features of your study field. Include some basic information about why you have chosen this field of study and what you will contribute to it. Second, make sure you have read some information about the college or university you wish to enter. If you look at the most popular common app essay examples, you will see that students display genuine interest in the institution they apply to. Gather at least some data about your selected college or university. How old is it? How reputable and popular is it? What is it philosophy and mission? You will need to show your understanding of the selected institution, as you are working on your common app essay. You need to show to the admission committee that you are strongly motivated to pursue productive career growth.
  • Look at the common app essay prompts you can find. They incorporate relevant information about applicants’ career choices and their motivation to succeed in the profession or occupation of their choice.
  • Be positive to present yourself in the best possible light. Feel free to express your thoughts and opinions about the future of your profession.
  • Do not be afraid of sharing your career ambitions with the reader. Develop and present a realistic plan of your career growth. Tell your readers why entering the selected institution is vital for your career. 
  • As you are working on your common app essay, read the instructions thoroughly and understand them. Be ready to answer the most typical common app essay questions. Write them down and imagine how you would answer them. You may use them as an outline or guidance, when writing your paper.
  • Do not sound too complicated. Do not try to persuade your audience that you know complicated words. Your task is to be balanced and reserved, while showing your talents and exposing your skills. The admission committee should have great time reading your paper. Your paper should attract readers’ attention and be memorable. Do not forget that the admission committee members read dozens and hundreds of similar works. Your paper must stand out.
  • Structure a paper properly. Develop comprehensive paragraphs. Include several body paragraphs. Fill them with fresh ideas and creative sentences. Include an introduction and a conclusion. Your concluding paragraph must summarize the contents of your paper. It is as important as the introduction.

Give yourself enough time to write a smart and superior common app essay. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for timely and affordable assistance. Our talented professionals will be happy to provide qualified support, to make your admission life easier. You will never regret asking our specialists for admission help!

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