What does Flag Day Mean for the US Citizens?

Flag Day is observed across the United States on June 14 every year. It is an occasion to honor the US flag and celebrate its adoption. June 14 is also the date of the US Army birthday.

What Do People Traditionally Do?

The flag of the United States is the symbol of freedom and independence. The flag also represents the country’s ideals. During the day, Americans have an opportunity to reaffirm their belief in justice and liberty, to prove their loyalty to the nation, and to observe its unity.

In order to honor this day, many Americans display the US flags at public buildings and homes. Other ways of celebrating this holiday are flag-raising ceremonies, street parades, musical salutes, competitions of essays about the US flag, etc.

The National Flag Day Foundation and other organizations do their best to coordinate and keep this holiday’s traditions.

Flag of the United States

Public Life

Even though Flag Day is a nationwide and popular observance, it is not a federal holiday in many states of the United States. Believe it or not, it is an official holiday only in a few parts of the United States. Montour County in Pennsylvania can boast of being one.


The American flag, which is also nicknamed as “star-spangled banner”, “the stars and stripes” or “Old Glory”, has changed its designs over the decades, even over the centuries. Nowadays, it consists of 13 equal horizontal stripes and a blue rectangle on the left top bearing 50 small, white stars. Each star represents one of the states while 13 stripes represent the initial 13 states of the Union that used to be colonies.

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