Useful Tips for Students Regarding Meditation

You might think that falling asleep is one of the best ways to meditate. However, it has nothing to do with sleeping. Maybe you are already one of those who tried to study on your body what meditation actually is. On the one hand, it seems to be an easy thing to learn but you shouldn’t make hasty conclusions. Having made a few attempts, many people simply give up and understand that meditation is quite hard.

Previously, I tried to eat salad and wake up earlier in order to work out and studied trigonometry at the high school. Nevertheless, mathematics and having leaves for dinner appeared to me as useless efforts with any successful results. On the contrary, meditation is the thing that you should focus on.

Don’t be afraid to do that! In my opinion, everyone should have a few practical lessons of meditation. Even the fact that you are a busy and anxious student doesn’t deprive you of a possibility to improve your mindfulness.


What about yoga?

Meditation is largely about concentrating on your mind as well as on your body. Firstly, you should bring your attention away from the outer environment to the breathing.

The main principle of yoga is to have a physical task that helps you to keep your mind permanently on your body and mental state. As you see, yoga might be an introductory part to the real meditation.

Another good way to prepare yourself for meditation is to begin with a guided meditation. You could use an app and do everything that your screen advises you to do. Headspace is one of the most popular ones.

One more resource is YouTube videos about guided meditations. Personally to me, it is interesting to listen to Alan Watts. He is a famous philosopher who popularizes Eastern philosophy. Although it might not look like a real guided meditation, it produces almost the same effect.

Have you ever heard about mindful eating? This type of eating focuses not only on what you eat but also on the process of food consuming. During our daily routine, we usually eat while watching TV or doing some home tasks. These are bad distractions.

It is believed that a mindfulness meditation can improve your sleep. Meditation before going to bed is a great opportunity to calm down and feel relaxed. One effective piece of advice is to count from one to ten with every breath you take.

During this counting, you should concentrate only on your internal state. You might be thinking that you do something wrong. However, you must be sure that everything happens according to a plan.

Don’t get distracted by other thoughts that come in. Try just to look at them calmly as if you admire beautiful clouds in the sky. Meditation is an activity that makes you feel less tense and anxious.  The most frequent problem regarding meditation practicing is that not all can clear their minds and consciousness 100 percent. Therefore, try to be more focused on meditating from the beginning. However, even if you practice meditation, it also brings you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.  

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