Tips That Won’t Let You Fail a Course

There is nothing like F-grade you got for your midterm exam to give you a hint that you might be doing something wrong when studying. No matter how discouraging it is, you can still turn things around. After all, isn’t it what midterms are for? Yes, they are supposed to show what aspects of your academic performance need to be improved. I’m not even considering the possibility that you were missing classes and put no effort into getting ready for the exams. In that case, the solution would be obvious – start working, you lazy bones! However, if you had been doing your best and still failed a midterm exam, maybe you should reconsider your learning strategy.

Things to do to make the most of the rest of the semester:

Write not type

Although technical devices seem to have taken over your daily routine, you will only benefit from taking a classic paper notebook instead of a laptop or a tablet to the class. I could go into presenting psychological evidence to prove that writing is the most reliable way to memorize things but you have probably noticed it yourself. One may argue that writing during class only distracts you from listening to what the professor says and thus hinders studying. Well, even if you agree with that, it is still reasonable to take some notes whenever you have enough time. Having the main points written down in a notebook or on flashcards is indispensable when you have little time to brush up on a subject.

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Study offline

So, leafing through the textbook while sneaking occasional looks at Facebook newsfeed and catching a glimpse of that new Doctor Who episode didn’t work out well. Hard as it is, you MUST learn to avoid distractions. There are plenty of applications that will block social media notifications to let you study without interrupting to respond to a message or scroll through the news feed.

Reconsider your study approach

To ensure that you have the solid knowledge necessary for passing the exam, never stop asking yourself questions for self-control. It is crucial to make sure that you can properly answer those questions. Once you see that you can’t find an answer or your understanding of the topic is vague, go over it again and again until you are sure you will be able to deal with that during the exam. You can even create your own exam sheet for preparation or ask a friend to do that. Thus, not only will you cover the necessary material but also you will practice time management which will definitely help you take off the pressure when taking an actual exam.

So, even if you have failed your midterms, it is not the end of the world. You still can improve your situation if you put some effort into it.

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