Tips for College Living in Off-Campus Apartment

Dorm life was one of the most terrible experiences for me. The closets were too small, I could not get along with my roommates, the room would very quickly become dirty, and I had to share a bathroom with few other people, none of whom considered cleaning necessary.

For those reasons, I was thrilled when I decided to move into one of the off campus apartments for the sophomore college year. However, when I moved into that apartment, I was disappointed at the absence of amenities and services my living space could provide. While I was expecting to get a modern and a comfortable nest, I was faced with pests and broken appliances.

Below, you can find a list of the most important things you have to know before moving into an apartment.

Tips to Know when You Are Moving into the Apartment

  • Do not make snap judgements about the living space. Before you move in, make some enquiries and get an opinion of the former residents.
  • Ensure that the apartment you are going to rent comes furnished.
  • Write down and make a photo of everything that is wrong or broken in the apartment when you have just moved in. This way, you will not be charged for property damage when you decide to leave the apartment.
  • Get acquainted with your new neighbors. Maybe, you will become good friends.
  • It is very likely that your parents will provide you with various cleaning supplies – use them.
  • The major student accommodation advice is not to forget about paying the rent – the late fees can be a killer.
  • Do not share the Wi-Fi password with too many people.
  • Purchasing a mini-fridge to keep in your room is a reasonable investment.

Tips for College Living in Off-Campus Apartment

  • Buy a mattress pad – you will feel more comfortable when you know that it is new and clean.
  • Always clean the kitchen after yourself.
  • Living in an off-campus apartment means no room checks every couple of days. Ensure you use this freedom wisely.
  • Always have some food at your place.
  • Before you go out, make sure to lock your bedroom door.
  • Use every facility that your complex offers you – gym, pool, tanning beds.
  • When you are planning to invite some guests, notify your roommates.
  • Decorate your room: make it cozy and comfortable for living.
  • Remember to change your address. There were times when I got mail that was addressed to the girl who had lived in that apartment before I moved in.

You should not think of leaving your dorm as something negative. If you take some time to do a research before making a decision, you will not just save your money and time, but also save your mental well-being from stress and various problems related to moving. If you prepare carefully, moving out will be less frustrating.

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