The Most Alluring College Scholarships in 2016

Receiving a scholarship is often a necessity considering the cost of education in modern US colleges and universities. If you are also among of those who want to relieve the burden of the tuition fee, check the following scholarship opportunities you may use in 2016.

Win the scholarship this year!

Before we switch to the list of easy scholarships, we have to remind you that getting financial aid is not a matter of chance. First of all, you should try hard to win the award and never give up if your first try does not bring you the desired result. But do not worry. With our list of alluring scholarship, you will have more chances to succeed this year.

James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund By applying to this scholarship, you may count on one of the five awards up to $5,000. One of the main requirements is that you should hand in the paper containing your own suggestions on the application of alternative medicine in cancer treatment.

Optimist International Oratorical Contest This scholarship is available for students who are not older than 18 years. The maximum financial aid that is offered is $2,500. To win the award, the applicants should present a 4-5 minutes oral presentation on the impact of their passions on the world. The speech should be presented as a part of Optimist Club’s local contest.


Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship It is one of the most popular international student scholarships. A student should demonstrate excellent academic performance in order to qualify for this scholarship. Apart from that, you should apply for international internship or studying program that lasts at least four weeks. In addition, an applicant should be getting Federal Pell Grant to be regarded eligible for this type of financial aid.

HRSA Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students It is clear from the title that students who qualify for this grant should belong to the category of those coming from the disadvantaged background. To define the notion, visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In addition, an applicant should be enrolled into the participating school of veterinary medicine, dentistry or nursing in order to be eligible for the award.

Invite Your Friend to Fastweb You may win a $500 scholarship at the end of each month by referring a friend to Fastweb. Join Fastweb and send invitation to your friend. Once he/she finishes the registration process, both of you qualify for $500 monthly award. In addition, you will get access to useful information about more scholarships by signing up for Fastweb services.

Getting a scholarship is a dream that may come true very soon. Start applying for the awards listed in the article and try your luck!

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