The Best Employment Places for College Students

Mostly, college students start searching for a job whenever they have some financial needs. Among the other reasons is the wish to step into adulthood and manage own finances. However, despite all these materialistic reasons, working during college years can become quite an invaluable experience. Students can manage time more efficiently, become more disciplined, self-organized, and responsible. In this post, we will offer a list of companies that can be potential places of employment for college students.

The Best Companies to Work

Starbucks and Whole Foods Market Inc

If you regard yourself as an environmentalist or a social activist, these companies can offer your desirable conditions of working. Both of these companies are famous for their corporate social responsibility. Whole Foods Market Inc. promotes profit that is made in harmony with the environment. Besides, part-time workers may find numerous benefits for them, e.g. medical insurance and financial reimbursement for tuition. Similarly, Starbucks also provides free tuition for its workers as well as offers different benefits for employees.

American Express and Wells Fargo 

If you major in business and administration and are a sales-oriented person, you should definitely start off in a business-related working environment. For instance, you may send a CV to Wells Fargo or American Express, companies that will enable you to gain valuable experience in the financial sphere. Besides, it will be a great start for your future career.

Verizon and Apple

If you are a gadget geek and cannot imagine your life without technological devices, go for it! Think about being employed in the sphere of technology. You may become a part of such companies as Apple or Verizon. They offer discounts on their new products before they appear in the mass market for their employees, which comes as an additional benefit.  

Sephora, Nordstrom

If you are interested in cosmetics and other products that make you look beautiful and feel healthy, try yourself in the beauty industry. Both companies offer numerous benefits for their employees. Apart from tuition reimbursement, workers can get discounts on cosmetics and products of skin care.

If you are still wondering where you can get some extra money, try sending a resume to one of these companies. I’m sure you will get invaluable experience that will be a huge plus to your CV and will increase your chances of finding a job after college graduation.


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