Summer Bucket List

Woke up this morning and found out that it’s summer outside=))) How come? When that happened? Okay, maybe I’ve been too involved into studying process, too obsessed with my exams. Now it’s high time to have fun=) No more waking up early in the morning to study, no more preparing for exams till late night. Time has come to create sweet summer memories, to explore the world (or at least your neighborhood). So, while having some doubts what to do first, I’ve created an ultimate bucket list for summer. So, let the adventurous summer begin! 

College Summer Bucket List

  1. Combine event and place: watch scary movie in scary place or romantic one while watching the sunset at the beach.
  2. Have an all-night party with your friends: at last play Twister instead of studying.
  3. Perform a beach party, make fire, get marsh-mellow done.
  4. Make a night swimming party: both pool and seaside are suitable.  
  5. Travel anywhere: just get your stuff packed, get on bus or get into your car and visit a place you’ve never been to.
  6. Save money for something really special you’ve always wanted. Buy it. Enjoy it.
  7. Make as much photos as possible. Make memories stay longer.
  8. Take your friends and go on hike for few days. Sleep outside, join nature, have a rest from noisy city.
  9. Perform a movie night: visit all the theatres possible till the last session.
  10. Drinking contest is a bad idea? I think not. You may divide your friends into two teams and have a match in beer-pong or any drinking game you can find in the internet.
  11. Surely, you must have days devoted to sports. Go outside and play football, basketball or any kind of games you can imagine. Have a pizza or ice-cream evening afterwards.
  12. Do nothing. Devote a day to being a lazy-bone, watch TV, eat, browse socials and just waste time.
  13.  Look for some hobby. Try doing the thing you’ve never done, that may be useful as a change of occupation and an achievement of new skill.
  14. Have some SPA and a massage. Clear your body and mind for new achievements.
  15. Read. No, nothing connected with studying. Read a piece of fiction, detective story or something romantic. Now it is the right time to cope with that kind of reading.

If you’ve got some epic ideas to add, please share below. Let this summer be the best! HAVE FUN!



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