Stop Procrastination – a Weekly Plan

Feeling the sense of false security because your task is not due soon, finding excuses to put it off, falling into the state of denial, and finally panicking and finishing everything at the last moment. Reminds someone, doesn’t it? Do not despair, procrastination is a malady that affects even the best of us. However, it’s not fatal. Follow these steps and you can combat it successfully.


Make a list of things to be done over the course of the week. Put down everything from small errands to important tasks and don’t feel intimidated if the list ends up to be quite long – you’ll have the whole week to manage everything. Then divide them according to days you assign them to and write everything down in your calendar.


Once you’ve got your schedule planned, think of a reward you’ll pamper yourself with when you follow it and get everything done in time. It should be something that you enjoy, but make sure it doesn’t influence your productivity the next week. How about some flowers or your favorite donuts?


Wednesday is the day to reflect on your procrastination and get to the bottom of it. Pay attention to the things that distract you (social media, chats, TV) and put them down on paper. By doing this, you’ll materialize the triggers of your procrastination and will watch out for them.

Stop Procrastination: a Weekly Plan


In the modern world, you can’t manage without using technologies. Some are even designed for overcoming procrastination. Find the apps that suit your daily activities and will have a positive influence on your routine. For example, check out apps that are created to keep you away from social media or those that offer you daily plans, motivational quotes, or tips.


It’s time to evaluate your week. Open your schedule and check how much you’ve managed to get done. Don’t feel defeated if you’ve failed at something, you’ll get a hang of weekly planning soon. Look through your list of distractions again and think whether you want to add something. Also, mentally go through your day and think of the hours when you tend to be the least productive and keep it in mind while planning the next week.


On Saturday, it’s time to get your dose of inspiration. Think of someone who is always on top of things and meet up with them. Over dinner, ask then for some advice on how to stop procrastinating, show your schedule, and be ready to face criticism. The difference between them and you is that they’ve managed to get rid of bad habits, and you are just on your way to this goal.


Remember that reward you planned on Tuesday? Sunday is the time to treat yourself if you feel like you’ve done your best. If not, don’t give up since it’s been only your first week of the journey toward productivity. Think what went wrong and make a mental note not to repeat the same mistakes next week.

Procrastination can easily make your life miserable. It affects your work, relationships, and even mental health. Fighting it is difficult at first, but you can do it with baby steps. Surround yourself with productive people, follow a schedule, and don’t forget to bring something positive to your routine. 

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