Staying Safe in College

As a rule, college students live a long way from home, which implies that safety must be a top priority for them. Undoubtedly, boys find it much easier to keep safe, while girls need to take a special notice of the following pieces of advice and bear them in mind for their whole life.

A Girl's Guide to Staying Safe in College

Safety Tips for Girls

  1. Never stroll alone! You may be fed up with the parents’ directions, which indeed contain a grain of truth. Avoid walking late at night on your own. Undoubtedly, you would prefer to live in an absolutely safe world, but it is unrealistic. So, invite a friend or at least walk in a highly populated area.
  2. Share details about the place you are going to. If you have a planned meeting with a person you barely know, ensure to tell your friends or family where you are going to, also including the time when you are going to return. In a case of emergency, your family or friends will know the last place you have visited.
  3. Look after your drink. Going to college means encountering something new, varying from alcohol to light drugs. Except for taking control of how much you drink, watching what you drink belongs to essential girl guides. Even if you drink a regular beverage, bear in mind that it might be drugged. In such a case, an ordinary soft drink turns out to be dangerous for you. 
  4. Be alert! It is natural that you like listening to music while going home. However, if you are willing to keep safe, do not tune yourself out so that you hear just nothing. In such a way, you will not become a victim to possible offenders.
  5. If you still wonder how to stay safe, consider school security services, which encompass escorting you both from school to campus. If it is late and you want to be in safe, just call security who will accompany you home. By the way, you have no need to pay for these services since payment for them is included in your tuition.
  6. Obtain a safety app. There are already applications designed to keep yourself out of danger. bSafe is a safety app, which may be applied to create a personal list of emergency contacts and inform them that you are in danger. Additionally, bSafe provides you with a function to set a timer that will bring about your emergency contacts in case you have not checked in at the determined time. The greatest benefit of the app is the availability of a fake call. bSafe is free of charge and vital for your safety.
  7. “Key Fingers” is a type of an effective self-defense weapon. The thing is that by shoving your keys between the fingers, you may attack an offender.
  8. Call in case of danger! You are supposed to have telephone numbers of school security, your RA, and, obviously, remember police number. If you feel unsafe, just call!

College is an incredible time for entertainment and discovering new things, but consider the tips enlisted above and take care of yourself.

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