Socializing in College

Every student strives not only to get good grades and show himself/herself good at classes, but also to socialize while in college. Here are several advices on how to do it.

How to Make Friends in College

Studying in college is the best time to get new experience and get a fresh start. Some great ways to get connected with other young people is joining a club, getting involved in community events, and making efforts to connect with a study buddy in every class. For the first time, it may seem a bit weird to introduce yourself to somebody new, but a study friend will greatly help you when it comes to preparing for tests or examinations.

To be honest, I met new friends each semester at the classes I was taking and it almost felt like I went to an entirely different school sometimes.

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What to Do if You Feel Like Your Old Friends Found New Interests

Actually, you should be ready to some unpleasant things during your college years, and sometimes, losing friends is one of such things.

Earlier, I used to think that small groups of friends with shared interests or other common features, who spend time together and do not easily allow others to join them, go away over time. However, I realized that they still exist well into adulthood.

I think that a good way to solve such a problem is getting outside the comfort zone and joining some clubs or activities that you would not have otherwise. If to talk about me personally, I joined a step team during my freshman year. First, it was complicated to jump into something by myself, but every time I made friends very quickly and found an interest in something I would not even have expected to enjoy.

One more thing to keep in mind is that even though you feel as if you were an outsider, there are many other people walking around the campus with a similar feeling. It would be great if you could develop a mindset that “your people” are out there just waiting for you to find them.

Is It Better to Join a Club or to Concentrate on Studies?

I think that joining clubs and getting involved in different activities could be awesome and you should not miss such opportunities. Sure, your majors are most important, but multiple extracurricular activities can greatly help you improve skills and become a part of something greater than just school.

However, you should not overwhelm yourself. If you understand that your classes are very demanding, try joining just one particular club to start with. It will provide you with a chance to meet new friends and force you to learn time management skills. Keep in mind that many extracurricular activities can make you stand out from other applicants who want to get the same entry-level job as you in the future.

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